Bikini Blunder

Bikini Blunder

While enjoying a relaxing day at the beach in Monaco, leave it to Ana to land in a bit of hot water! Actually, it takes two to tango, and Christian is not exactly innocent during the events that lead up to a rather tense moment between the two of them. In this scene from Fifty Shades Freed, I decided to illustrate the moment when Christian is more than a little upset that Ana has managed to soak up a bit too much of the Monte Carlo sun. 😉

Ana is often testing the waters, so to speak, of just how much Christian can and will tolerate. At times it may be on purpose, at other times her actions inadvertently cause some conflicts. While on their honeymoon in the Mediterranean, it was a bit of both. But at the same time, Christian’s actions and reactions concerning Ana create situations that lead to showdowns between them. In effect, he is also learning and testing just how much she can and will tolerate.

While in Monaco, Christian is being overprotective as usual, which is really no surprise. But the wheels of conflict are set into motion when he sees to it that his new wife is shielded properly from the burning rays of the sun. This seemingly innocent act manages to set off a chain of events that has them both questioning the behavior of the other, and escalating the conflict and tension between them. So much so, that at one point Christian must protect himself from a flying hairbrush!

His tendency to tell Ana what is allowed and what is forbidden is just another form of control and dominance for Christian. While he is truly concerned with Ana’s safety and well-being, the constant requests (and orders) on what she can and cannot do can be seen as a carry-over of the role he’s had in his past encounters with his subs, and with the persona he assumes while he and Ana engage in the playroom at Escala. It is something he is accustomed to, and had chosen as a lifestyle. But unlike his experiences in the past, he had never encountered someone that would question his authority.

Unlike her behavior in the playroom (where she agrees to be bound by protocol) Ana does not let that carry over into her everyday life. She may consider what Christian tells her and take it upon advisement, but compliance is never a given. Her choice to refuse to carry out  or disregard his wishes also gives Ana a certain amount of power over him. She may feel quite intimidated by Christian a lot of times, but may not realize how much impact her independent behavior has on him and the dynamic of their relationship.

So it is inevitable that these differences would only serve to push each of them to test all sorts of boundaries as they grow to learn more about the other. Nobody had so blatantly challenged Christian quite like Ana. At one point he had even admitted that is one of the reason he fell in love with her! While he may have felt that he did not need any changes in his life, he certainly wasn’t expecting any the day Ana stumbled and fell into his office. But perhaps unconsciously he yearned to change the path his life was taking with respect to relationships and life outside of the business world.

I also wanted to add that although the illo is depicting a rather tense situation, I just couldn’t resist including Taylor to contribute a bit of levity to the situation. I imagined that he felt more than a little uncomfortable as Christian confronted Ana on the beach. On one hand, he had a job to do. On the other hand, while it was his duty to watch over the two of them, I’m sure he had a little trouble at that particular moment knowing just where to actually look! Hmmm…check the time or check the skies for any threatening aircraft full of paparazzi? How about both…simultaneously! 😉


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  1. Elizabeth

    Love this one!!!!! Always look forward to your illustrations. I imagine you are not short on suggestions for future works, but still so much to pick from in the trilogy!

    • admin

      Thanks so much Elizabeth! I’m really happy knowing that you continue to enjoy the illos! 😀 Oh yes, so many moments to choose from within the trilogy! The trick is figuring out the best way to convey the scenes. That’s what takes me the longest to figure out 😉

  2. Christine C

    I’m blown away with this one. Christian’s expression is classic,his chest hairs are excellent! The background is gorgeous and the people in the water with colors fantasic. And can’t forget Taylor with the shades,you out done yourself this time vic!!! I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    • admin

      Gosh Christine, thank you! 😀 Really happy you enjoyed different parts of the piece and noticed the details! Heehee I just couldn’t resist getting Taylor involved. 😉 More definitely coming soon!

  3. Nancy M.

    So excited for another illo! Perfect. Love Taylor in the background. I’m sure he’s seen it all, but NOT THIS! Ana looks younger in this illustration. could just be the way I see her. but I love it nonetheless. Although we all know she’s only 21 here. Oh to be “younger” again. Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! I realize it’d been a while since I’d completed a new piece, but you know how RL can be… 😉 Hahaha Glad you enjoyed Taylor! Maybe ponytails on the beach make Ana look younger. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. heehee But really glad you enjoyed the piece. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Tiffany

    hi Victoria–another wonderful illo. love it 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep it coming. Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Tiffany! So very happy to hear you enjoyed the illo! I really appreciate that you continue to check them all out! 🙂 I’ll definitely have more to share soon. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! 🙂

  5. Vicky W

    Hi Victoria,
    Sorry it took me a while to acknowledge your latest post. I love it of course especially the Taylor nod – cracks me up.
    I wanted to also add that when I read this part I really was in Christians camp. Ana at this stage is still young and naive and her actions at taking her top off really should have been better thought out. Not to be a prude but Christian has always been the type to consider the consequences to any action before acting. This little stunt Ana pulled was immature and irresponsible for someone of her stature and standing in the community as well as Christians wife.
    Having said that, Christians reaction later (the hickies), while way out of bounds, was simply hilarious – I remember reading this in bed with my husband one night and laughed so hard I woke him up – then had to tell him what was so funny.

    THanks again and keep ’em coming.

    • admin

      Hi Vicky! Oh no need to apologize. I always appreciate it any time you’re able to stop by and visit! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Taylor’s appearance! heehee I just couldn’t resist.

      That moment really showed how both of them have a different view of how the world is and how one must act is certain situations. Yes I agree, Ana was a bit naive and immature in her actions…but you have to admit that Christian’s response later that day was just as immature! ;D Hahahaha! I’m sure the look on your husband’s face-both when he woke up from your laughter and after you told him why you were laughing-was just as amusing to see! 😀

      Thanks so much, and more coming soon!

  6. Christine H.

    Hey Victoria ~

    I really like this one!!! The strong emotion Christian shows on his face is priceless. His “control issues” really comes into full overdrive in this scene. Due to he is so protective of Ana and didn’t want her Any Taylor in the back ground is classic 🙂 Glad you could put him in a “scene”.
    I have so fun visiting your website!!!
    Thanks for doing this!
    Christine H.

    • admin

      Hi Christine! Thanks very much! So happy to hear that you enjoyed this illo! 🙂 Glad you liked my interpretation of Christian’s not so pleased facial expression. heehee As well as Taylor’s appearance in the illo! I just couldn’t resist adding him into this moment as well.

      Oh it makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy visiting my site! I really appreciate it when you stop by and visit, and say ‘hello’ too! 😀 As always, it’s my pleasure to share the illos!

  7. Bobbi

    Victoria, you are so beautifully talented. Your art work truly brings the story to life and the way you relate to the story, you bring out the beauty of the love story. So many people have gone berserk over the physicality of the stories but you really bring the core of the tale. I just love what you’ve done. Thank you for sharing your gift!!


    • admin

      Gosh Bobbi, I really appreciate all of your extremely kind words! Thank you so much! 🙂 I am so happy to hear that you’re enjoying my illos and feel they do justice to the books. Interpreting written words with illos can be a risky proposition since everyone imagines it in their own way. As you said, many tend to focus on the physicality of the trilogy, but they contain much more-and those that have actually read them recognize this. That’s why I sometimes enjoy capturing small moments that may seem inconsequential if one has not read the books. 😉
      It is always my pleasure to share my illos! Thanks so much again! 🙂

  8. it so great to discover your blog and see such sweet illustrations showcasing our favorite book scene in colors! ( as an aside: i thought ana’s bathing suit was sea- foam green?)

    • admin

      Hi Milli! I’m so glad you happened to find my illos and so happy to hear you enjoy them! Thanks for stopping in and saying ‘hello!’ 😉 I try my best to get the details correct by going back through the text. I believe that no exact color was mentioned for this particular scene, but it’s entirely possible I may be incorrect. If so, my only defense is that nobody’s perfect 😉 But I hope that it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the piece regardless. 🙂

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