Happy (belated) New Year!

Happy New Year

I know I’m quite late with a January 1st greeting, but I usually don’t post anything holiday related here since they really have nothing to do with illustrations etc. My holiday greetings normally consist of a photo I’ve taken. But, this year I decided to incorporate an illo into it, since I thought it fit well with the idea of toasting in the new year!

So, just tonight I decided I’d go ahead and post it here for those of you that may not follow me on Twitter or Facebook–where I originally posted this piece. :)

Hope you enjoy it…even though it is a bit late! ;)


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Fifty Shades of Grey, illustration

6 Responses to Happy (belated) New Year!

  1. Christine C

    I been looking for this Illo since Sulia post it!
    I never saw it here til now.
    But anywhoo you know I love it lol!
    Perfect timing to Ring a New Year with Unbelievable Illos by you!!

    • admin

      Hi Christine! I wasn’t sure I should post it here since it was just a holiday greeting. But since I did include an illo in the greeting, I decided to post it anyway! ;) That’s why it was so late. But I’m happy to hear you saw it earlier in Sulia and that you liked the piece! Thank you so much for the kind words! :D

      I hope you are having a wonderful start to your 2014!

  2. Nancy M.

    I JUST saw this TODAY. I was missing something new from you, the impatient person that I am, and went to your site, because coming here ALWAYS makes me happy, looking at various illos! You’re the best.

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! You are just too sweet! :) I apologize for not sharing something new since New Year’s Day. January has been hectic and the days seems to be speeding by! But I am currently working on a new piece that I *really* hope I can finish and share soon.

      It really puts a huge smile on my face knowing that visiting here makes you happy! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you!!! :D

  3. HS

    Hi! I love the illos, they are STUNNING! Just wondering if you would consider doing some of the scenes in Freed? Love the scene in the meadow with Christian and Ted finding Ana and would love to see that come to life.

    • admin

      You are very kind, thank you! :) I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed what you saw here, on my little site! Thank you for having a look around!

      I actually jump around all three books of the trilogy and attempt different scenes. I’ve done a few from Freed in the past, but have yet to try the scene in the meadow ;)

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