The Knees Say No

The Knees Say No
Normally, Christian Grey displays the highest degree of exemplary behavior in situations that require the utmost decorum. But in Fifty Shades of Grey, he gets up to some shenanigans in of all places–his parents’ dining room table while surrounded by his entire family, as well as Kate…and a very shocked Ana!

While Christian usually has no difficulties showing restraint (no pun intended) in a variety of situations, when Ana is added into the mix, circumstances can quickly change! The contrast of reactions each of them displayed in a brief moment during that Sunday dinner seemed like fun to capture in an illustration. I did have to take a bit of artistic license and omit the white linen tablecloth, for obvious reasons… ;)

You really have to feel for the poor man and forgive his bold behavior and lapse in his otherwise impeccable manners. In just the short time from departing Escala to sitting down to dinner, several revelations had come to light. First, and quite unexpectedly, Ana had decided to engage in a bit of a challenge of wills regarding her undies. So, before the evening had even begun, Christian was distracted and tantalized by the thoughts of Ana attending dinner ‘sans culottes.’ Once the two of them arrived at his parents’ home, Ana sprang another surprise on him, but not of the pleasant variety. He abruptly became aware that Ana was thinking about leaving town so she could visit her mother in Georgia. This may not sound like much to most people, but is taken by Christian to mean that she was running away from him. After all, it was still very early in their relationship, and he was still uncertain as to how Ana felt regarding their possible ‘arrangement.’  Her announcement also came out of left field for him, which made an even greater impact on him.

The jumble of emotions, confusion and frustration caused by Ana manifested itself as it often did for Christian–with an overwhelming desire to be with her. Regardless if he intended it to be for punishment or for pleasure, intimacy with Ana was always the common thread. In this case, he was feeling a combination of desire due to Ana’s state of undress, but also anger due to her trip announcement. Unable to be alone and away from the group, Christian took matters into his own hands…literally!

More often than not, Ana was always a willing participant when Christian wanted the pleasure of her company, but during dinner with the Greys was not one of those times. Already feeling self-conscious due to her competitive whim regarding her undies, Christian’s advances came as quite an unwelcome surprise as she sat at the table…with Christian’s father Carrick seated just to her left! Being as discreet as possible, Ana made it clear to Christian that his roaming hand travels were coming to an end. His first reaction was one of amusement at her panic, but as time passed, her reaction was added to his growing list of grievances that he’d use as ammunition of sorts when he later gave Ana a tour of the infamous boathouse. But while Christian administered his unique brand of punishment, she leaves the boathouse a victor…when Christian gives her undies back, and she did not even have to ask for them!

Funny how the next time Christian and Ana revisit the boathouse, he also ends up giving her something…but it’s definitely not her undies! ;)


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24 Responses to The Knees Say No

  1. Nancy M.

    My first post didn’t work. I will make this short then detail a few things later. I giggled upon seeing the picture. 1st for another post from you, 2nd. the initial shock when the picture pops open is priceless. thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Uh-oh…I hope something isn’t going wonky with the site…sorry you had to post twice. Glad the illo gave you a giggle! I had fun creating it, and have to admit it made me laugh painting Ana’s face. hahahaha! Thank you! :)

  2. Hmmm, I would argue that Christian and Ana each had a win in the boathouse. Ana got her panties, but Christian didn’t let her fully enjoy the experience there….

    • admin

      Hi Crissy! Oh, I agree. Both of them got what they wanted ;) Even if Ana was left a bit…um…frustrated by Christian, I’m sure it wasn’t without at least a bit of enjoyment. So actually, she had a win and a half? hahhaaha As far as Christian is concerned, he pretty much always gets what he wants. So it goes without saying that he always wins. He might be met with a challenge or two when it comes to Ana, but he copes… heehee! ;)

  3. Fantastic! I love how she’s nipping her knees together. Just like we do when reading the books ;) LOL

    • admin

      Thank you! :) Hahahaha! You and your knee nipping, V! ;D But yes, I’m certain there was plenty of it going on when all of those millions of books were being read… ;)

  4. Haliey G.

    When I first saw this illo I seriously had to giggle. This was so amusing at its highest agree. First of all; Ana’s face is just completely priceless, then Christian’s smirk is absolutely alluring and sensual. In this particular illo of yours I see my still favorite contender for Christian, which is Henry Cavill. When I saw Christian I was completely taken back by how much he looked like him. Anyway, my next step would be to say how this is another one of my favorite depictions, but I feel I will say that about all of your upcoming works ;) I also wanted to point out how much I love the contrast of colors in this illo. You can almost see the wine winking through the glass. That is one of my favorite things about your illo’s they always feel real and vibrant! You are truly a talented individual. But I did have a particular question for you. You seem very intuitive about meanings and looks, which is clearly demonstrated from your illo’s and summaries. Ana’s hair in all your illo’s is either no bangs/side bangs, and very deep and rich. Now since the fifty shades filming has begun; I am sure you have seen some of the behind the scene photos and Ana(Dakota’s) hair is shorter and lighter, with bangs. A lot of people have been saying how they did not picture her hair to be that way, (even though it was not clearly specified as to how her hair was actually done.) I did read where someone had said they could completely picture her with bangs because it looked more ‘innocent’ than without. So I was wondering from your creative standpoint what your thoughts would be on that. Also, what drove you to picture Ana with no bangs? My curiosity is getting the best of me again lol! ;P This is absolutely amazing, you made my day! Also have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    • admin

      Hi Hailey! I’m glad the illo gave you the giggles! It was a very amusing moment in the book after all! :) Glad you enjoyed the illo and so happy you liked how the facial expressions came out! Oh, and the wine glasses! Those were fun to try to paint! I’m extremely flattered by your very kind comments! Thanks very much! :D

      Regarding Ana’s hair in the books–there was never any specific mention that she had bangs, so that’s why I didn’t put them on her. :) All that was really described is that she has brown hair and it gets messy. I also figured that she wasn’t very interested in wasting time with fashion etc, so having bangs would be a nuisance to upkeep for her. She was always short on cash, so I couldn’t picture her booking regular appointments at a hair salon. ;) Hope that answers your questions!

      Oh! Really flattered that the illo made your day! I’m very touched by that! Thank you! :D

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year too! :D

  5. Haliey G.

    Oh gosh, I forgot to mention how much I loved how Ana’s knees are coming together lol that seriously cracked me up! I love it!!!!!! ;)

    • admin

      Hahahaha! The only way she could non-verbally let Christian know that she wanted him and his roving hand to stop their exploring! ;D Glad you liked it! Thanks! :)

  6. Elizabeth

    As always, you’ve done a brillant job if creating a vision of CG in all of his splendor. I just love your depictions. Now….have you considered taking on Gabriel as your next project. Another unforgettable story with many moments just waiting to be captured by your skill and incredible talent, not to mention an incredibly beautiful couple. :)

    • admin

      Thanks so much Elizabeth! I’m very happy to hear that you’re enjoying my illos and thank you for the kind words! :)

      I’ve not yet read that series of books, but have heard so many good things about them! I’ll have to check them out and see if they become a muse for illo ideas just as Fifty has been! :)

  7. Christine C

    I Saw this on twitter last night, in my bed hooked up to my Dialysis machine.
    This Illo made my night,you nailed it Victoria! This one makes me laugh cus ana tells Christian no. And we all know Christian doesn’t take no very well. The colors are amazing as always and purple is my favorite lol. Love the way you captured the wine glasses and the bowl (if that is a bowl?lol).

    • admin

      Hi Christine! Oh, I’m so glad to hear that my illo helped to make your night a little better. :) Really happy that you enjoyed it!

      It is a very amusing moment in the book, isn’t it? I think Ana is probably the only person that had ever told Christian ‘no’ so his reactions to those instances are always interesting. In this scene both are a bit confused by the others’ actions, so that made it even more amusing! ;)

      Always very pleased when the little details are noticed in my pieces, so thanks very much for that! :D And yes, that is a bowl. hahhaha! It’s described as a bowl filled with peonies, so I pictured it as a large, shallow type centerpiece, but only a portion shows since we’re only seeing a bit of the large dining table. ;)

      Thank you for taking the time to check out the illo and for your very lovely comments!

  8. Nancy M.

    I think what I like best, is the complete contrast from him to her. he’s calm, his eyes a bit slitted, he’s in complete control of what he wants and his wine is not moving. I’m giggling as I write this. everything about her is shock, from her eyes, her knees, her feet pointed in, her wine is sloshing…..she has heavy body language for “no”. And I LOVE the dress and WANT the shoes! You’ve kept her hair as always, but I’m wondering too, like another reader, if you were to give her banks, what it would look like. But I don’t think she has bangs in the book, correct? They both look amazing and he couldn’t look any HOTTER in my opinion. As Elliott would say, she’s definitely an itty bitty! Love this Victoria! You are a smashing success!

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! That is exactly what I was trying to convey–the contrast between them! Very happy to hear you noticed the difference in their wine as well! ;) Hahaha! Glad you liked her outfit. I really have a lot of fun with their outfits! As far as Ana’s hair, as I mentioned to someone previously, bangs were never actually mentioned, so I never pictured her with them. Seems a bit too fussy or too high-maintenance for Ana. hahaha Hooray! Really glad you enjoyed how the illo came out! Thanks for the lovely comments! :)

  9. Vicky W

    Happy Holidays Victoria.
    What arrrrre we going to do with you? You just keep getting better.
    A couple of artistic notes. First the wine glasses – love it. We have a couple of Michael Goddard limited editions in our dining room and one of the things we love in his paintings is the way he pulls light into his paintings of martini and wine glasses. You have also managed to contribute to your ilos life by this attention to detail – well done.
    Second, the Christian “hooded eye” look is dreamy. You can just see the erotic thoughts parading thru his brain as he reaches for the place we all know is thoughts (and hand) are focused on. Bad boy to the max.
    I love this part of the book because it leads to a time when Ana asserts herself and rejects Christians attempt to spank her. What is it that men love about a woman saying no? Gets ‘em every time, doesn’t it?
    Have a great Christmas.

    • admin

      Hi Vicky! Hahaha! That’s very sweet of you to say, thank you! :) Ah! I am so flattered by your comment about the wine glasses! It wasn’t a very big detail in the illo, but it was probably one of my favorite parts to work on in the piece! I took a look at Michael Goddard’s paintings. Wow! Love his work! The pieces you have in your dining room must look fantastic!

      Heehee! Glad you enjoyed Christian too. :) You described exactly what I was trying to convey! So I’m really happy to hear that! :D Bad boy indeed… ;)

      I suppose men love the thrill of the chase, maybe? hahaha But in any case, it always makes things interesting, right? ;D

      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well!

  10. Adelle

    Hey, Victoria!!

    Awesome!! I finally get to see what’s going on under that white table cloth without using just my imagination! Another splendid work to be admired!! Well done!!

    While I’m at it, I wish you a Happy New Year!! Hope 2014 will be a fantastic yr filled with lots of ur illustrations :)

    See you next year!!

    P.S. I was beginning to wonder about ur…erm…say..undercover identity ;)

    • admin

      Hi Adelle! Hahaha! Well, Ana put a stop to things, so nothing too exciting was going on under that table cloth really. ;D So glad you enjoyed the illo! Thank you! :)

      I hope you have a very Happy New Year as well, and that 2014 brings you lots of happiness! I will do my best to create as many illos as I can the entire year!

      Yes! See you next year! :D

      …my undercover identity…heehee! Well, let’s just say I enjoying being mysterious… ;)

  11. Christine H.

    Hi Victoria & Happy New Year!!! ~

    This scene is great, because it leads into a very intense scene in the Boat house, when he “ummm carries her” to the Boat house and their in the “Dom & Sub” characters. I think in all tthree books, that one particular scene was the most intense. (Christian kinda forces himself on Ana).
    Anyway…another great illustration, and so detail, right down to the wine glasses. You never disappoint!! :)

    Christine :)

    • admin

      Hi Christine! Happy New Year! :D

      Yes, one of a few times Christian decides to sweep Ana off her feet. ;) It seems like the best scenes always resulted from Christian getting very worked up from a lot of anger, frustration, confusion, etc., doesn’t it? Maybe because he tended to keep his emotions at bay, but Ana always seemed to bring them bubbling to the surface! ;D

      Ah! Really happy you enjoyed the details…especially the wine glasses! I loved painting those! Subtle but fun! :) Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments!

  12. Tiffany

    Hi Victoria–Happy New year! yay…another cool illo, thanks. This made me giggle just like everyone else on here. This has made me start reading the trilogy again…the 7th time.
    Thanks again Victoria :)


    • admin

      Hi Tiffany! Happy New Year to you too! :) Hooray! So happy you enjoyed this illo! Glad it gave you a giggle–it was a rather amusing moment in the first book!

      Wow! I’m flattered that it got you into the mood to revisit Christian and Ana. Have a great time on your re-read! Lucky number seven! ;)

      It’s always my pleasure, and thank you for stopping by to check it out and say hello! :D

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