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Gallery Getaway I suppose I should always begin any Fifty Shades of Grey related posts with a warning about spoilers. Hopefully I haven’t ruined anything for anyone so far! So I will begin by saying not to read any further if you have not finished at least the first book and first portion of the second book…but I hope you’ll return and visit once you’ve completed your reading! ;)

But, if you have already made that much progress, you will undoubtedly remember the upsetting ending to Fifty Shades of Grey…and if you were like me, it was impossible not to immediately start reading Fifty Shades Darker after finishing the first book!

There are a couple of reasons why I really wanted to try my hand at recreating this scene in an illustration. First, it was a very welcome end to the extreme sadness and heartache both Ana and Christian were experiencing. So, it was nice to depict a moment of reunion and overwhelming emotions. Second, it was interesting (and I have to admit, a bit amusing) that Christian lost all self-control, which manifested itself in his impromptu decision for a liaison in the alley with Ana! ;)

Both Ana and Christian deeply missed each other and were both miserable, so it was quite fortunate that José’s art show forced them together again. Luckily it gave them the opportunity to realize that a few misunderstandings contributed to their parting. Sure, there were plenty of other complicated issues to iron out between them, but the largest looming issues regarding their last time together could have been prevented by simply uttering a safe word.

After a bit of tip-toeing around each other and a bit off small talk, the realization that their parting most likely could have been prevented opened a line of communication between them. But it was not all constructive communication, however. Lots of frustrations that had been developing and simmering became ammunition as Ana and Christian fired verbal attacks at each other–albeit discretely–inside the art gallery.

While initially Ana may have felt a bit at fault for the misunderstanding their last night together, soon she was becoming irritated by Christian’s usual bossy behavior. So, when Christian announced that it was time to leave despite Ana’s protests, she made sure she would not leave without putting up a fight of sorts.

By being physically affectionate as she said her goodbyes to José, she was knowingly provoking Christian’s intense jealousy by hugging Jose and being playful with him inside the gallery. You could perhaps even say that Ana was, in effect, engaging Christian in a form of bondage of her own! She knew he would be upset, but also knew he would not protest or show his displeasure while inside the art gallery with all the people attending the show. (after leaving the location and distancing themselves from everyone, is an entirely different story, I’m sure!) So basically, Ana was, in effect, topping from the bottom! :)

This act of defiance added yet more to the jumble of emotions Christian was wrestling with since their parting. Emotions that he had taught himself to suppress…but which was no longer possible since Ana entered his life. Since the night Ana departed Escala, he had felt immense longing, sadness, frustration, just to name a few. But when Ana deliberately provoked him with her display with José, emotions had now completely overtaken him.

It was actually quite amusing that she got Christian so worked up that he exhibited an uncharacteristic lack of self-control. He could barely contain himself and rushed her into the alley just in time. At least he had enough self-control to wait until they were out of view from any unwanted prying eyes outside the art gallery! Although, he did resort to settling on a rather gritty environment. Not the usual choice from what we know of Mr. Grey. ;)

Conflicting emotions of anger and desire overwhelmed him, but he was also most likely feeling so elated to finally have her near and feeling the pull they both had on each other. Something Ana was also feeling quite strongly. The multitude of conflicting emotions both of them were experiencing could no longer be contained and marked the instant they began their journey together once again.


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  1. Christine C

    Once again this is ultimate favorite book of the series. The illo is unbelieveable,the colors and the background are amazing,great job vic :)

    • admin

      Hi Christine! I’m sort of partial to Darker too :) Just so many good scenes in that book! So glad you enjoyed the illo! I’m happy to hear you liked the colors and noticed the background! That brick wall was a challenge! hahhaha Really wonderful to know you noticed the less prominent aspects of the illo! Thanks so much! :)

  2. Nancy M.

    OMGod! I’ve been checking regularly. I haven’t even read it yet. so excited!

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! I know it’s been a while, but I worked hard to get this one out before too much time had passed. Hahahaha! But I’m really glad to hear you’re excited it’s been posted!

  3. yèèèèè! Amazing Vic!!

  4. Shelley Craig

    It’s wonderful, beyond of PERFECTION. I love every single of your illos. You put those pages into pictures and it’s amazing. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see the next one

    • admin

      Gosh Shelley! That is extremely flattering of you to say! Thanks so much for the very kinds words! :D Hahaha! I’m not so sure it’s perfection, but I am very happy that you enjoyed the illo! ;) I’ll try my best to share something new as soon as I can! :)

  5. Nancy M.

    I ask you…who hasn’t read the Grey Books…other than a few percent that thought they were boring.

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Oh, anything is possible I suppose. I’m sure there must be a few people that haven’t read the books yet. ;) I just want to make sure I don’t spoil it for anyone. I know I hate accidentally stumbling across spoilers for things. :)

  6. Elizabeth

    OH MY!!! Thank you so much. I made a suggestion about a year ago to consider this scene as it is truly one of my all-time favorites. Mr. Grey unglued!!!! Thanks so much. You made my day!

    • admin

      Hi Elizabeth! It’s my pleasure, but *thank you* for checking the illo out and coming by for a visit! ;) I think I remember when you made the suggestion! At the time I sort of had an image in mind but wasn’t confident in it. Can you believe it took this much time to finally attempt it?! Originally I had the viewpoint of looking out onto the street, but changed it up and the illo just flowed from there. :) Hahaha! Mr. Grey unglued, indeed! :D I’m so happy it made your day! You telling me that, just made my day! Thank you! :D

  7. Hailey

    Oh my gosh victoria you did it again!!!! This I would have to say is either my second or third fav illos of your. :) I cannot get over the great detail you spent on the brick wall,(that would drive me absolutely batty drawing that lol.) And the way you have Ana’s outfit is exactly how I pictured it in my mind, especially the boots, (which did not go unnoticed by Christian of course.) this scene was very humorous indeed by their little chit chat between them at “the boy’s” opening as said by Christian. This scene is completely perfect and you captured it beautifully! Can’t wait to see what scene you take us to next ;) (please forgive any errors I made in writing this, I’m writing off my iPhone. Darn typos!!!) lol <3

    • admin

      Hi Hailey! I’m glad you really liked this piece and you consider it part of your top three! I’m very flattered! :) Thanks for noticing the brick wall. That proved to be a lot more difficult than I first estimated. I tried a couple different ways to do it and settled on what you saw. I only regret not adding some shading to give it depth so it’d look a little more convincing, but ran out of time. Maybe I’ll go back and touch it up someday. :) I’m so pleased you liked Ana’s outfit! I enjoyed creating that…especially the boots! (I am sort of a boot fanatic. hahaha) Oh, it was great every time Christian referred to José as “the boy” since it gave away how jealous he was. Seeing any cracks in his armor is always fun! Thanks for checking the new piece out and for stopping by! I always appreciate it! (Typing on phones is not the easiest thing in the world. So, don’t worry about any typos!) :)

  8. Kaa Bueno

    Sempre fiquei imaginando como teria sido esse beijo tão quente entre os dois.Ficou maravilhoso
    amei esta também. Parabéns Victoria seu trabalho é excelente ,maravilho ,lindo, estou ansiosa
    para ver seus próximos trabalho.


    • admin

      Hi Kaa! I’m so glad you liked the illo! I think we all have a picture in our minds as to how the kiss might have looked, but I’m happy you enjoyed the way I portrayed it :) Thanks so much for your lovely comments! More to come soon… ;)

  9. Chris Story

    Yet again another fantastic illo of my favourite couple. It really is one of the best love stories I have read & your pictures are amazing how they capture those moments that we are a trying to picture as we read the books. Brilliant & thankyou xx

    • admin

      Hi Chris! So happy to hear you liked this new piece! I’m extremely flattered that you feel they manage to capture the moments from the books. The imagination does a much better job I think, but I’m very happy you’re enjoying my illos. Thanks so much for the kind words! :)

  10. me gusto mucho ya termine con la trilogia cincuenta sombras y ya que matt bomer y alexis bledel no seran christian a ana me encanta ver este tipo de ilustraciones , alguien conoce una pagina donde alla mas momentos ilustrados

    • admin

      Hi Yinyi! I’m glad you are enjoying my illustrations! I hope you’ll still go to see the film. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and checking out my new piece! :)

  11. Diana

    Damn It! Awesome, you’re rock…. thanks for those pic =)

  12. Christine H.

    Hello Victoria ~

    What can I say…..”Ooooohhhhh” this one is GOOD! One of my favorite scenes in “Fifty Shades Darker”. (My fav book in the series). I’ve read this scene so many times!!! I love it how Christian loses it at the Art Show after Ana kisses Jose on cheek. I believe he is showing Ana who is the better man ….lol! You dress Ana perfectly, and the boots rock!!!! BTW…checked out the article in, very cool. I now your heading somewhere big time :)

    • admin

      Hi Christine! Hooray! So glad you enjoyed this piece! :D Always so happy to hear when I happen to depict someone’s favorite scene…and they really enjoy the results! Darker has so many great scenes, doesn’t it!? OH! Really pleased to hear you enjoyed the clothing and Ana’s boots! I have to admit I really enjoy creating their outfits :) Thanks for checking out the Cosmo feature as well! That was so kind of them to do, and a huge shocker for me! ;) Aw, you’re very sweet, thanks so much for the kind words :)

  13. VIcky W


    Sorry it took me so long to comment. Can you tell the holidays have taken me over?
    Love the illo and always fun to visit the plum dress. Your discussion touches on all sorts of themes. I love the line the author uses to describe the emothions involved with the kiss “I pour all the angst and heartbreak of the last fews days into our kiss binding him to me. And it hits me, in this moment of blinding passion, he is doing the same.” The moment when two people finally recognize beyond all the peripheral worldly complications, he need her and he needs her to need him in return. Each one needing to be honest with themselves, not just with each other.
    The whole second book is built around that need to explore themselves before they can understand and truly love each other. Such an old and repeating theme in love stories don’t you think?

    • admin

      Hi Vicky! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! I know how you feel about the holidays taking over, it’s been a very busy few days!

      So glad you enjoyed this piece, thanks so much! Ah, yes, I do tend to ramble. hahaha! Oh, that is a perfect way to put it, “each one needing to be honest with themselves, not just with each other.” :) It was a communication breakdown between them, but a non-verbal moment (wink wink) spoke more than any conversation could ever speak! Yes I agree, it is a repeating theme, but always an interesting journey to see unfold! ;)

      Thanks again for stopping by! :)

  14. Tiffany S.

    Hi Vicky! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork! Every month I look forward to seeing your next beautiful painting/sketches. Keep up the amazingly beautiful and sensual art!

    • admin

      Hi Tiffany! You are extremely sweet, thank you so much! :) It means a lot to me that you continue to visit, check out my illos and drop in to say hello! (ooo…and I love that you described my illos as ‘sensual.’ Wow! Love it! Thank you!) :D

  15. Anonymous

    I love you ilustrations!
    I could make a suggestion? You know, it would be nice if you could illustrate the Christian scene is ajoeljhando in front of Ana, submitting her will. Remember, in book two? Yeah! I always wondered how would this scene. Could illustrate it, please?
    Kisses and thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Sam! Thank you so much! Glad you’re enjoying the illos! :D That particular scene has been in the back of my mind for a while now. Just haven’t worked out exactly how I want to lay it out. But it will definitely be coming up in the future. It’s such a pivotal scene, that it’s a must! ;)

  16. Nancy M

    Great work Victoria. you put so much time into these, it is unreal. Have you ever figured out HOW much time you put into a particular piece…Hours, days? the brick wall is incredible and you always stay true to the book. Love that about you. this is SO romantic!

    • admin

      Thank you Nancy! :) Honestly, I’m too embarrassed to calculate the total amount of time I spend on each illo! hahaha I’m too nitpicky and spend far too much time on some minute areas that nobody would notice once the image is zoomed out. But I suppose that’s good practice in order to improve. I do hope to get faster. That is one thing I’m trying to improve upon. :) That brick wall was a challenge…I tried a couple of different techniques before settling on the final result. Still not happy with it, but it was my first shot at something like that. Really happy you enjoyed the piece! Thanks again! :)

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