Refreshing Beverage

Refreshing Beverage

Even before Ana had even met Elena Lincoln, she already had a very negative impression of her. Once she had actually met the woman, it seemed as if her impressions actually underestimated just how evil the woman really was. After a few incidents where Elena’s aggressiveness and threats had been unleashed on her, Ana finally answers back. During this scene from Fifty Shades Darker, Ana helps Elena become well-acquainted with one of Carrick’s special (and very strong) lemon martinis.

The outcome of this scene was made all the more delicious (no pun intended) since Elena had assumed that she had cornered her prey and had free range to attack. Little did she know that soon the tables would be turned. I couldn’t resist attempting to depict the moment Ana finally struck back at Mrs. Robinson and put the wheels in motion to her demise with the Greys.

Although perhaps not providing as much physical impact as a punch or slap to the face (the latter of which Grace took it upon herself to take care of later) Ana throwing her martini probably made much more of an impact than any sort physical attack might supply. Especially for Elena. It was more effective because it was much more humiliating. Much like one man removing his glove to slap another man when challenging him to a dual–it doesn’t really do any real physical damage, but leaves a stinging impression nonetheless. Elena was always perfect, immaculate in appearance, put together, calm and cool. But by throwing the drink in her face, Ana made more of an impression than any violence ever could.

Of course, such an action is sure to escalate things and most certainly lead to actual physical violence. Elena was just about to carry that out, but luckily it was Christian to the rescue. But it also marked the beginning of the end for Elena as well. Angered, flustered and soaked with alcohol, she failed to keep calm which lead to a heated argument. Her desperation began to show, which only made Christian more resolute that she no longer had a place in his life.

But the humiliation doesn’t stop there. For it wasn’t just Ana and Christian baring witness to Elena’s loss of control and intimidation, but soon Grace appears after overhearing and learning just what went on between Elena and her son. In a few quick moments, not only did she lose her power of intimidation over Ana, but lost any loyalty that Christian may have still felt toward her, and also her long-standing friendship with Grace. Soon she was unceremoniously ordered out of the Grey home, but not before being on the receiving end of the aforementioned slap to the face by Grace.

So, with one quick drenching by Ana, Elena’s reputation was washed away in an instant.

Hmmm…a thought just occurred to me…if it weren’t for Ana getting very drunk and calling Christian, things might have turned out quite a bit differently for the both of them. If Mia hadn’t handed Ana the special lemon martini before being confronted by Elena, things might have once again turned out quite a bit differently. Seems like alcohol plays quite an important game-changer for Ana, doesn’t it? ;)


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36 Responses to Refreshing Beverage

  1. Christine C

    Fantasic Illo Victoria! The dresses of elena and ana r goreous. The rich colors amazing as always,another of my favorite parts of the book!

    • admin

      Thank you Christine! Happy to know you enjoyed the new illo! :) I had a lot of fun with their dresses! I’m glad you liked the results! I wanted Elena’s to have clean lines but sort of modern. I sketched about 3 or 4 different dresses for Ana, before finally painting it. Ana’s clothing is fun because she’s the only character that wears any sort of color! hahaha!

  2. I love this scene, thanks for bringing it to life.

    • admin

      Hi Crissy! Always my pleasure! Glad you liked the illo! :) This scene is one of my favorites too! I just love the way it all unfolds… :)

  3. Amazing Vic!!!!

  4. Nancy M.

    I haven’t read it yet…but I know I’m going to love it! Been waiting for you do to another one! Yeah….SO EXCITED!

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Aw, you’re so sweet! :) Believe me, I was hoping to share something much sooner, but you know how real life can get in the way sometimes! ;) Thanks for popping in to say hello!

  5. Nancy M.

    I’m speechless, Victoria! You’re spot on, as usual. This is such a turning point, as you say. Perfect. LOVE the green, and it is a BIG color in my life, as I have had “red” hair for many years. The features couldn’t be any more perfect. You are pure genius! I’m lovin it….even though that’s a “McDonald’s” phrase, it’s even better here! You need to do these on your own time, of course. I’m not sure what you do for your real job, but you are a marvel at this, and deserve many KUDOS! Your detail (as there are NO rings yet). Doesn’t Elena usually wear impeccable jewelry, though? no matter, yr picture is a celebration for me (and for the participants). Thank you for your hard work, as always. love nm

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for all the very kind words! Really glad you enjoyed the new piece! I love green too! It’s my favorite color, but I don’t have red hair. ;) I’m actually a graphic designer, which doesn’t call for much drawing or painting. ;) Yes, I thought about jewelry for Elena, but thought it would clutter things up a bit since there’s a lot of overlap between the two of them in the illo. There’s no mention of what she was wearing, so I took artistic license. ;) Thanks again for your lovely comments, and thanks for popping in to say hello!

  6. Ang!e

    Funny how much i can related to this particular scene. Especially in past few weeks *evil laugh*

  7. Adelle

    Hey Victoria!!

    My best friend and I laughed so hard at this!! Go Anastasia!! Thanks for lightening up our sleepover!! Wonderful illustration as always :) Btw, love Anastasia’s dress! And you hit Elena’s facial expression right on!! Hahaha! Love this!!

    Laters ;)

    • admin

      Hi Adelle! I’m happy I was able to make your sleepover a little more fun! ;) Really pleased to hear you enjoyed the illo! Ah, Ana’s dress… :) I sketched a few different ideas and finally decided on that particular design. Glad you liked it! Hahaha! It was a lot of fun creating Elena too. :) Thanks again for the kind words and taking the time to stop by and visit ;)

  8. Kaa Bueno

    Eu amei o tapa merecido que Ana deu na Elena as vezes ficava imaginando a cena. Parabéns Victoria sua ilustração ficou perfeita Beijos.

    • admin

      ¡Obrigado! So happy you enjoyed the illustration! That was a fun scene to create! :) Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking a peek at it! ¡Abraços e beijos! :)

  9. Haliey G.

    AMAZING!!!!!!!! You never cease to amaze us Victoria. First of all this scene is such a comical and….well comical. Having Elena aka miss domineering hot pants have a drink thrown right in her face was to funny. #1 for Ana, which I’m sure made her feel a little empowered against Elena for the first time. Anyway, the colors is so rich I cannot get over Ana’s dress it is gorgeous! Plus that is exactly how I imagined Elena, especially in such a subtle black dress, which you captured phenomenally! I swear I could just go on and on about your illo’s! Oh and I do have another question, yes again with the questions I know ;) I read somewhere else where they were talking about Ana’s hair. I see some of your illo’s her hair seems straight and some it seems wavy. And the other site said they saw it as a wavy look. But I don’t know. Personally I see her hair as if it was like curly and then like blown out. So basically a blown out curly/wave, keeping with the unkempt look Ana is kinda known for. So I was wondering what you imagined. Anyway. Awesome job again Victoria!!!!!! Happy Halloween by the way ;) Can’t wait for more :)

    • admin

      Wow! Thanks Haliey! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed my new illo! You’re right–that was a very comical scene! Although, I think Elena aka “Miss Domineering Hot Pants” would disagree! hahaha! ;D

      So pleased to hear that you liked Ana’s and Elena’s dresses! I actually went through a few sketches of Ana’s emerald dress before finally deciding to go ahead and paint the final result.

      As far as Ana’s hair, in some parts of the book it’s described as styled in soft curls etc. So for those illos I made her hair more wavy and full. When she’s more casual or just awakening in bed etc, I made her hair straighter and a bit disheveled. She wasn’t one to fuss about her hair and it seemed like the only time she’d dry her hair was when Christian had urged her to do it, so I figured her hair would be relatively straight which would make it more ‘wash and go’ and she could wear it down or pull it quickly into a ponytail ;)

      Thanks again for your lovely comments and for stopping by for a visit ;) Hope you had a really fun Halloween too!

  10. Christine H.

    Hello Victoria ~

    Well…another masterpiece!!! Love this scene. It really showed Elena first hand how strong Ana is. I love how Ana knows to choose her battles. And then…soon after this scene, who comes busting through the doors….”Christian” to proteet Ana. BTW….Ana’s dress is really pretty. I would were something like that..heh, heh! Cannot wait for the next pic!! Thanks for your contined hard work on these great illustrations!

    • admin

      Hi there, Christine! So glad you enjoyed the new illo, thank you! :) Oh, I totally agree with you–Ana really knows how to choose her battles, and had perfect timing as well. ;) Oh, I’m glad you liked her dress! I had fun coming up with different designs. I probably wasted a bit more time than I should have on it. hahaha! The fact that you’d wear the dress if it actually existed, is probably the highest praise I could get! Thanks! :D Always my pleasure, and more coming soon… :)

  11. Vicky W

    Victoria, Thanks again for your excellent interpretation of the characters insights. I like this scene of the second book and like to look at it in the context of the other two challenges Ana is faced with to her personal security: facing Jack in the office kitchen and being held at gun point by Laila. These two events put Ana in a much more physically threatening position than Elena presented on this Saturday evening. Can you imagine Ana thinking “WTF? Can’t I catch a break this week?”. So the drink in the face was a relatively sedate response than that which Ana was skilled and capable of mounting. Elena had no idea what she was in for when she went on the attack – she would have been better off keeping her mouth shut and remaining under the the radar. But I was glad to have Grace come in later and call out the bitch on the carpet – Hoorah.
    Love your work.

    • admin

      Hi Vicky! Really happy to hear you enjoyed both my ramblings and my illo :) You are so right in the comparisons of the different challenges Ana faced with Jack, Leila and Elena. Strangely, I think she felt more threatened by Elena than by the other two, even though her actual safety was much more in jeopardy with Jack and Leila. But even though she chose a relatively sedate response to Elena’s threats (as you put it so well) it also turned out to be the perfect response as was revealed by the events that soon followed. ;) Yes, I agree with you about Elena. She, on the other hand, did not react in the best of ways, which (happily for Ana, and all of us!) led to her own undoing. ;) Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to stop by for a visit!

  12. Chris

    i love this one i must have missed it on twitter when it was first posted although i normally look out for any new illustrations x

    • admin

      Thanks Chris! :) Oh no! I’m sorry you missed the tweet when I first released it :( I usually only tweet about a new illo once. I feel like I’m pestering everyone if I tweet things more than one time, but maybe I should reconsider this… ;) But I’m glad you still managed to see my latest piece! Thanks for checking it out!

  13. Bella

    Gracias, mil gracias x compartir con los fans de ’50 Shades’ el talento tan enorme qe tienes…
    Estoy tan contenta! Tus ilustraciónes son mi consuelo, porque los protagonistas de lo que sera la pelicula, no me gustaron en nada!
    Gracias, de nuevo! Ojala y nos sigas compartiendo tu bendito talento.
    Dios te bendiga, mucho…

    • admin

      Hi Bella! Thank you so much for your very kind and generous words! :) It makes me very happy to hear how much you are enjoying my illustrations! It is always my pleasure to share them. Hopefully the movie will give you a very pleasant surprise and you’ll love it as much as you love the books! I’m sure you will :) Thanks again for your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit! :)

  14. Bella

    Donde qedo mi mensaje? :(

  15. Nellie

    I love this scene, it’s probably one of my favourites because Ana is speaking up to Elena and I just don’t like Elena. I love the expression on Elena’s face, take that Mrs Robinson !!

    The green of Ana’s dress and the detail is so awesome.And that clenched fist, too bad she didn’t use it, not that I condone violence. Plus I think the drink in the face had the desired effect.

    Well done, Victoria, another beautiful masterp[ece :)


    • admin

      Hi Nellie! It was a great moment since Ana finally became so fed up she couldn’t help but react! I’m glad you liked Elena’s expression. I had to restrain myself not to make her overly hideous or too monster-like. ;)

      Creating Ana’s dress was a lot of fun! Glad you liked that too! I figured I’d have Ana making a fist with her other hand to show that she wanted to do more–and could certainly provide quite a punch if she desired–but made a conscious decision to throw the drink instead. Yes, I agree with you–throwing the drink had the desired effect and was probably more ideal than a punch would have been ;)

      Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to stop by! :D

  16. Bia

    I looooooooooooooooove this part of the book! I would do the same!

  17. kflip

    I quite like your pictures, but..YOUR DRAWINGS represents THE KIND OF SCENES THAT we actually HAD SEEN on romantic movies stories before – WHERE we can not see the guy naked: let’s be realistic : only women got naked in those poor movies..That’s why I AM HOPING for a ‘new movie concept’ based on a Trilogy that is completely different of all those boring romance novels that we’ve read before: Think about it ;)
    ps – there is another problem in those poor movies, also seen on those YouTube stupid 50 Shades trailers: all the SEX scenes appears in a ‘dark’ context, no lightly..the result? I can’t see what’s happening. And WE NEED TO SEE that because the books are so damn well written with too many amazing details which didn’t get me bored!

    • admin

      Hi there! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy my illos :) Maybe someday soon a writer will come along and pen the type of books you’re searching for. There actually may be something out there already, you never know! At least you can have fun as you search! As far as the movies, I think they might do that in response to ratings for content. It may also just be artistic license and that’s the look and feeling the creator had in mind all along. :)

  18. Charlene

    OMG what amazing work; truly breath taking. I absolutely love this part…I remember reading & screaming Yes Take That Bitch in hence waking my roommate out of a sound sleep – oopppsss. You captured it perfectly & Elena’s expression is priceless. Seriously think that E.L. needs to redo the books and add your illustrations. Loving this page, jst renewing my live for Fifty & getting even more excited for the movie.

    • admin

      Hi Charlene! Hahaha! Your poor roommate! ;D I really appreciate all of your very kinds words, and am so glad you enjoyed this illo! :) Have to admit that I was tempted to make Elena’s face more distorted and unflattering, but thought utter shock would be more fun to see! ;D

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