San Diego Comic Con 2013

It’s that time of year again…Comic Con!!! Up until a few weeks ago, I thought for the first time in several years, I wasn’t going to be able to attend! 🙁 There had been a snafu with my pass (and I have heard also for many others) so I wasn’t able to get my 4-day pass! I tried the crazy online registration, but of course had no luck. But luckily last month I was able to secure a pass, but only for one day…but what a day it was!

…but I’ll save the best for last…bwahahaha! 😉

Let me start off by apologizing for the overall horrible quality of my photos! It wasn’t even a phone! It’s a bit difficult to try to snap photos quickly and steadily while lots of people are walking and rushing around you. 😉 With that warning in mind…here we go:

You can always tell when when you’re getting closer to the Convention Center…lots of wraps and other decorations on all the buildings in downtown San Diego, such as this:
Spiderman Wrap

Inside, it seems as though some of the booths just keep getting bigger and bigger (and taller!) Here’s one massive booth promoting the upcoming TV series, “Black Sails.” Notice the poor guy tied to the mast. That looked sort of creepy!
black sails booth
There was also a very large “Walking Dead” booth, complete with zombies trying to claw their way out of their chain link fence enclosure! (you could have your picture taken with a couple of other zombies in another area of the booth) 😉
walking dead booth

Also saw the Man of Steel several times, along with Catwoman and some turtles…
supermen catwoman and turtles
I love this shot! A giant Snoopy was in between taking photos with people, so I decided to snap a picture. He noticed, turned and posed just for me! I’ve always loved Snoopy… I made sure to thank him before saying good bye. 🙂

This Incredible Hulk was also incredibly HUGE! Towering over you when you stood under it! You’ll also notice Spidey photo bombing in the background! 😉
Giant Hulk with Spidey photobomb
Then there was…um…
Hooters Zombie

…and then, um…
Giant wheel of mouths

But then I found a wall of white Domos! I really love Domo too 😉
white domos

…and I took a shot of this booth, just because I found it funny, random and cute at the same time.
fat rabbit farm

Of course I made certain that I stopped by the Vintage Books booth to pick up the newest Fifty Shades button! Last year you had to sort of be ‘in the know’ and ask about the button. This year they had a basket of them at their booth, along with other freebie pens and buttons!
basket of fifty buttons

Looks like supplies were already going fast by the time I made it to the booth! But there were still plenty to go around and I was able to pick up one for myself!
fifty button 2013

The night before the Con, I had seen tweets about Niall Leonard doing a signing for his book, Crusher. As most of you already know, he is also married to E L James! I had read samples from the book which I really enjoyed, and had heard nothing but good things about it. So, I made sure to jot down the booth number. The location was right next to the Vintage booth, but saw no signage about the signing. I asked a couple of people working the booth about it. They confirmed that he would be doing a signing, but not exactly sure where. My friends were getting a bit impatient, and it was still a while before the 1p signing, so we left to roam the convention floor. Later I dropped by the area again and asked a very nice man about the signing. He was extremely helpful and showed me where the signing would take place, and that the line would start “right here” and pointed down at my feet and told me I would be first in line! One of my friends was with me and was second! I was very happy and excited, since Mr. Leonard had tweeted that the first 3 people in line would have their names mentioned in the third Crusher book!

But things were about to get even more exciting! After the very helpful man walked away to tend to something else, I noticed that standing right in front of me was none other than E L James!

I was surprised to say the least! She was wearing a very cute white hat, but I heard her voice and was certain it was her. She was chatting with someone she knew, so I waited a bit, then got up some courage and very clumsily introduced myself. 😉

She was nothing but very sweet and very nice! I made it a point to ask if it was okay to create illustrations based on her books. I’d always really wondered. You never know if someone would rather their story be left to the reader’s imagination, or if they have any other objections over the representation of their work. She didn’t try to punch me or yell at me, so I was relieved. 😉 But in all seriousness, she was very kind and said that she had enjoyed them! I was very flattered (and relieved) hearing that! 😀

There was a flurry of activity going on, and soon she was signing some copies of her books at a nearby table. (not a formal signing, just several small stacks of books.)
E L James signing books

Just as quickly, suddenly I noticed that Niall Leonard was standing right next to me! So we began to chat. He is the friendliest person and so easy to talk to! I had mentioned that I had a bit of trouble confirming the location of his signing, and he told me that it was sort of an impromptu event. Then told me that the books would be signed freebies! Wow! Probably one of the best items I’ve ever received at SDCC…and that’s saying a lot! 🙂

signed Crusher closeup

He spent a few minutes chatting with me, then was whisked away to his place at the signing table! As promised, he took down my name on a Post-It Note and will use it in the book! We chatted a bit about which name to use…so be sure to buy a copy of the third installment of Crusher to see what Victoria’s fate will be!

Here’s a quick shot I took of Niall Leonard as he was signing a book for me! 😀
Niall Leonard

…and a shot of E L James, this time without the hat!
E L James at SDCC

I cannot say enough about the two of them! They are both so friendly, pleasant and fun to talk with! It really made my day at the Con complete!

Oh, here’s a photo (albeit blurry) that my friend snapped of E L James and I…
E L James and me

…and my signed copy of Crusher! ;D

I had a fantastic time at the Con this year! In addition to everything I’ve already mentioned, I also loved meeting and talking with lots of talented artists I’ve followed for years, experiencing total sensory overload and receiving lots of inspiration from all the creativity that encompasses the San Diego Comic Con! I cannot wait until next year! 😀


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  1. I am SOOOOOOO Jealous!

    • admin

      Make that your big vacation for next year, Crissy! It’ll be great because I’m sure they’ll all make an appearance at the Con since the premiere will be just a couple of weeks away! 😀

  2. thehague13

    Great stories…thanks for sharing……

  3. alimoire

    Reading your colorful post, I could feel the excitement and elation as you described meeting and chatting with Mr. and Ms. Leonard. I’m sure you were thrilled to meet the lovely “muse” for your FSoG portfolio. I suspected that both Niall and Erika would attend SDCC this year. I think it’s wonderful they enjoyed beautiful San Diego this week, as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and photos. But, Victoria…why the shyness?

    • admin

      I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my rather lengthy post! Thanks for hanging in there until the end 😉 Yes, it was so great to meet her! I never really thought I ever would, so that was why I was so shocked! It seems like they are both having a lot of fun on their vacation. 🙂

      It’s always my pleasure to share! Thank you for taking the time to have a peek! 🙂 hahaha! It’s not actually shyness, but did it to give myself more creative freedom without worrying about possibly offending family, friends, employers, clients, etc. Not that I have posted anything too severe, but it’s a place where I can just let my mind go anywhere it would like! Hope that makes sense. 😉

  4. Nancy M.

    How wonderful for you! Good to hear all your details and the pictures. My heart is full of nothing but pleasure for you and your works. I am glad you got to meet El James and her husband. That was something, I’ll bet. I hope you someday get to meet G. E. Griffin, the “other side” of the Grey books. Thanks again for sharing your VERY SPECIAL day! You’ve had a few of them lately, haven’t you?

    • admin

      You are very sweet Nancy! Thanks for all the very kind words and your continued support! 🙂 It was a lot of fun meeting them both, but a bit surreal at the same time. But then again, the whole Con environment is a bit surreal, so I suppose it was fitting! 😉 It was my pleasure to share my trip to the Con with everyone, and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed reading it and checking out the photos. Yes, I have had some very special days recently…and I’m grateful for them all! 🙂

  5. Christine H.

    Hey Victoria ~

    I believe I said it in a past comment, big things are happening for you!!! LOL 🙂
    That is wonderful you got to go Comic-Con and interesting how you ran into EL James & Niall Leonard….mmmm. I have never commented to anyone on a website before (other than Facebook, that doesn’t count), but I just had the “gut” feeling about your work! Keep it up!!! Oh, I so envy you got to go. Thanks for taking pictures. I felt like I was there too.


    • admin

      Hi Christine! Hahaha! I have had some very exciting moments occur lately, that’s for sure! 😉 I’m really flattered that you came out of lurk mode to comment here! I’m usually a lurker as well, so I really appreciate it very much.

      Attending the Con this year was full of surprises. As I mentioned, I was convinced I wouldn’t be attending for the first time in several years. But, surprise after surprise seemed to pop up after being lucky enough to finally secure a pass. The opportunity to meet and chat with E L James and Niall Leonard in that environment was unreal. I think the fact that they are so friendly and make themselves accessible had a lot to do with it. They just seemed like they were there as a fan as much as everyone else!

      I hope one day you are able to experience SDCC. There’s nothing like it! But I’m glad my photos helped to give you an idea of what it’s like. That was what I was really aiming to get across by including so many shots. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your support and for continuing to come and visit here! 😀

  6. Very nice recap! And I’m thrilled you met Erika and Niall. Even more thrilled to learn your name will make it into Niall’s third installment! How cool is that?

    You got me a pin, right?

    kitt 🙂

    • admin

      Hi kitt! So great to see you here! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the recap! Yes, I was pretty thrilled to meet them both too! Such nice people and a very cute couple! 😉

      I actually thought he was kidding about the book thing, but he made it a point to have Post-Its at the ready to write down the 3 names! He did admit that he failed to bring the nachos he also mentioned, but I assured him that this was no problem. Sometimes those nachos are a bit iffy as a food source. 😉

      Ha! Nice try, kitt…nice try. (I was told tonight that the buttons have already shown up on eBay. Yikes! I should’ve poured the entire contents of that basket into my purse!) ;D

  7. Nellie

    Hello Victoria,

    What a great experience for you attending SDCC AND meeting EL James AND Niall Leonard AND getting his book signed AND having your name appear in his next book AND meeting Snoopy 😉

    As always, I love your writing and I felt I was there with you. Sounds so awesome and I’m glad you had a great time.

    Bet you can’t wait for next year, just a few weeks before Fifty Shades premieres

    Take care
    Nellie @NellaDan

    • admin

      Hi Nellie! Hahaha! Well, when you put it like that, with all those ‘ands’ it does sound pretty crazy, doesn’t it?! (and you have to admit, Snoopy is adorable, right?!) 😉

      Thanks so much for reading, even though it was pretty lengthy. I really wanted to try to include a bit of everything, so I’m pleased to hear that it helped to give you the feeling of actually being there! 😀

      Yes, I cannot wait until next year! I also wonder what is in store, since the Fifty premiere will be so near? Hmmm…

      See you on Twitter! 🙂

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