Dance Floor Action

Dance Floor Action








It goes without saying that Christian Grey is a very possessive man…especially when it comes to Ana Steele. He certainly makes sure she is aware of this fact more than a few times throughout the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Christian often voiced his jealousy and displeasure at other men showing any sort of interest in Ana, or taking notice of her beauty or attractiveness. But oftentimes he’d get needlessly irritated and upset when he’d mistakenly assume that acquaintances of hers were interested in being more than just friends with her. Time and again Ana would have to to calm Christian down and convince him that her many male friends were just that–friends.

However, he and Ana find themselves in a situation in Fifty Shades Freed where his possessiveness and resulting anger is quite justified! So, I decided to attempt an illustration of their visit to Zax in Aspen…and the excitement they created on the dance floor of the club!

I have to admit it was a bit fun to see Christian finally let loose with some emotion. He might show some anger or frustration at times, but to be provoked into actual fisticuffs was quite a surprise! While I don’t condone violence, he was somewhat justified in reverting back to his fighting ways in this instance. Yes, Ana was quite capable of handling the situation herself, and had already resorted to some violence herself, but ever the chivalrous man–Christian quickly stepped in and confronted the Blond Giant himself.

Oh who am I kidding? If anyone even dared to attempt to harm Ana in any way, Christian would stop at nothing to completely annihilate the offender. Lucklly, it just took one punch to convince the hairy-handed stranger to scurry away with no further injury…except to his pride.

On a more serious note, it was interesting to get a slight peek into Christian’s past, and the fact that he often got in scrapes in school. The fact that he quickly and seemingly uncontrollably became violent with the man harassing Ana, and how it took Ana a bit of time to get him to finally calm down, was a reminder that he still had a lot of work to do with Dr. Flynn. But we all know he’d be in the capable hands of the good doctor!

It was also interesting to note that while Christian was often jealous and possessive about Ana, she was just as jealous and possessive about him! While Christian epitomizes the aesthetic ideals of a male, I’m sure not every female on the planet would be instantly attracted to him. Yet Ana eyed every woman with suspicion, and mentally noted how long their eyes would linger on him, how they would flush in his presence or become flustered or too chatty. It might have had more to do with her own lack of self-confidence, but it was still exhibiting jealousy and possessiveness nevertheless. As I’ve noted before, they share a lot more in common than they they realized…

In any case, with that bit of excitement out of the way in the dance club, and after Ana managed to calm Christian down, the two of them were finally able to engage in some dance floor action of the traditional kind! 😉

Note July 13, 2013: The very observant Tera let me know in comments that I had forgotten one very important detail in the piece…Ana’s wedding ring! How could I have forgotten that?! I always attempt to include the smallest detail, so I’m still kicking myself over it!

But, it’s all easily remedied! I went ahead and simply added it into the illo!

Ahhh…now I feel better. 🙂

Note July 14, 2013: You’d think that if I added Ana’s ring, I’d remember to give Christian his ring too, wouldn’t you? 😉 Thank you to those on my Facebook page that let me know! 🙂


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30 Responses to Dance Floor Action

  1. elisangela

    Amo….amo…..amo….esses desenhos!

  2. Nancy

    Nice. perfect as usual. I really appreciated everything you said on the radio and I heard it first hand, not later. And your words are correct. you know the books very well, as many of us do!

    Any excitement from you is appreciated, in my otherwise routine, mundane life.

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! You are much too kind, but thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the radio show! It was an honor to be included as a guest (even though I was a nervous wreck!) 😉

      It was a bit of a wait for this new piece, but I really am trying to get them completed and posted as quickly as I can! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    As always you complete what I have in mind , your work is awesome !,, Please dont stop doing what you do best , I really appreciate what u do to us (fans) !,, tnx

    • admin

      Hi Melissa! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my illustrations! Thank you so much for your very kind words as well! 🙂 It’s always my pleasure to share, and I will definitely be creating much more in the future! 🙂

  4. Christine C.

    Omg! I would love to have this on my wall!
    U did it again victoria,one of my fav parts on the book freed.
    I really hope u be someway a part of the movie,cus of ur unbelievable work.

    • admin

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this new piece, Christine! So happy to hear I happened to pick one of your favorite scenes from Freed as well! It is a very entertaining moment, isn’t i?! 😉

      Thank you for your very kind words. You are very sweet 🙂

  5. yukthi aggarwal

    Super duper lovely as usual…i jst want grey..sumbdy get him fr me

    • admin

      Hahaha! I like super duper! Thanks! 😀 You want Grey, do you? I believe there might be a very long line of people that feel the same way… 😉

  6. vanessa

    I love your illustrations!

  7. Deanna (viper_1)

    Love it, love it, love it!! Victoria, you are so very talented! And a big thank you, from me, for bringing Christian and Ana’s story to light, in pictures. Are you selling any of these yet? What do you see on the horizon for your illustrations of Christian and Ana? Will you also perhaps, consider doing “Beautiful Bastard” as well and tell Bennett and Choe’s story too?
    Amazing work, as always……I’m a big fan:)

    • admin

      Hi Deanna! Gosh, thank you so much for your lovely comments! You are just the sweetest! 🙂 I’m so glad you are continuing to enjoy my illos. It’s my pleasure to share them, and it makes it so rewarding for me when I hear that it helps with your enjoyment of the books! Nothing is being sold at the moment…but you never know what the future holds. I just want to make sure it has the blessing from all those involved. 🙂 Until then, I suppose I’ll keep creating more illos! Luckily the trilogy has no shortage of great scenes to attempt to capture, right? 😉

      Don’t hate me, but I haven’t read that book yet. I’ve had a couple of other book titles mentioned to me as well. It might be fun to try some other characters! I also hope to add some of my own character creations here and there as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

      I really do appreciate your kind words and support! Thank you 🙂

  8. Tiffany

    Another awesome illo! I agree with Deanne, I hope you get to sell your work or be a part of the movie somehow. You made angry Christian look hot! gotta love Ana in her skimpy dress too 🙂

    Love your work. Can’t wait for more 🙂


    • admin

      I’m glad you enjoyed the new illo, Tiffany! Aw, you are sweet…hopefully I’ll be able to make my pieces available somehow, but I want to be very sure that it’s not stepping on anyone’s toes, etc. If you know what I mean. 😉

      Oh! Very happy to hear you liked the way angry Christian came out! ;D It was fun to give him a little emotion! As for Ana…I tried to make her dress the skimpiest–especially after the way it was described in the book! heehee

      Thanks for all of your support, and definitely more to come soon! 🙂

  9. Christine H.

    Hi Victoria ~

    Wow..this is a good one!!! You just keep stepping it up!!! I soo remember this scene. I was wondering how Ana’s dress looked. Now I know…LOL :). Also, I heard you “Live” on the radio last Sunday, and honestly, I tuned in to hear the DJ’s interviiew you. (Oh, what a wonderful surprise that E L James called in as well). I really think authors of successful books, like Fifty Shades, Bared to You, etc…should call you have you illistrate their characters. I think there’s a big future in this for you!! Anyway…you soo talented & I wish big success for you!

    Christine H.

    • admin

      Gosh Christine, I am so overwhelmed by your extremely kind comments! Really glad you liked the piece! I was dying to attempt Ana’s dress! I hope to perhaps do another illo in the future where I can show it from the front too 😉

      I’m so glad you were able to listen to the radio show!!! Wow, I am so flattered that you tuned in to hear me! Woah! Hope I didn’t disappoint. 😉 The surprise appearance from E L James was fantastic! I was so happy for Lori (the DJ host) because she had been working so hard to organize that show for months!

      You are too sweet! That would be sooo much fun to be able to illustrate more scenes from different books. I’ve been having a great time exploring Fifty Shades 🙂

      Thank you so much for all that you said, and for your continued support! 🙂

  10. Tera

    Ana shows the giant her hand and days that she is married, yet I don’t see her ring in this gorgeous photo.

    The dress, though… Wow. 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Tera! Oh my gosh, you’re the first person to catch that! Thanks for letting me know. I pride myself on the details and I forgot a pretty major one! 🙁 I’ll go back and touch it up today and repost it.

      But I’m glad you still enjoyed the piece (and Ana’s skimpy dress!) even with the omission! 😉

  11. vicky

    Thanks again for the illo. My vision of the dress was just like you picture here. Makes me think E. L. James is a master at describing details that help us bring the characters to life.
    I was also thinking a lot about how Ana was able to recognize how much power she has over Christians emotions – she became very in tune with his need to refocus his anger (and jealousy) and channel the energy towards something more positive and rewarding (dancing with her) and less destructive in its consequences (getting sued by blonde giant). As stated later in the Freed, she really has the measure of the Grey men. Only someone that Christian really trusted could have broken thru his seething rage. This trust development between Ana and Christian is one of my favorite themes I love that E.L.James explores in the books. I only hope the screen play can do this theme justice. Bravo to you.!!

    • admin

      My pleasure, Vicky! 🙂 Yes, that’s why I enjoy creating illos of different moments from the books–because E L James always makes it a point to describe their clothing and key items or environments included in the scenes!

      I completely agree with you about your take on Ana’s influence on Christian. I also love that development of trust, but also Christian’s own personal journey throughout the trilogy. It was interesting to observe it through each book seeing it through Ana’s eyes. I’m sure E L James is tired of being asked about it, but it would be very interesting to also experience that journey from his own perspective as well.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the new piece! 🙂

  12. Adelle

    Giggling so hard watching Christian punch someone….Seems like it happened for real!! As always, spectacular job Victoria!! Awaiting your next illustraition….


    • admin

      Hi Adelle! hahaha! I have to admit I also giggled a little bit when I finished the illo and sat back and looked at the entire piece. Violence really isn’t good for solving anything, but it was fun showing Christian let loose on the Blond Giant! 😉 I’m so happy to hear you liked the illo! Thank you! 🙂 More to come soon!

  13. Parabéns Victoria adoro seus desenhos, aguardo ansiosa pelos novos!
    Você arrasa =)

    • admin

      Hi,Talitha! Obrigado! You are very sweet 🙂 I’m so glad that you are enjoying my illustrations and I really appreciate that you continue to check them out! More coming soon! 🙂

  14. Diana

    As always STUNNING. Thanks a lot =)

    • admin

      Hi Diana! So happy to hear that you liked the illo! It’s always my pleasure to share them! Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at the new piece! 🙂

  15. Juanita

    Hi Victoria, This is one of my favourite moments from FSF – so sexy to imagine the Aspen club and the dance floor action with the cool music – thank you for illustrating this – I love that Christian is so possessive! The fact that he knows how to fight just adds to his bad boy charm for me! 🙂 I so enjoy your talent and capacity to bring alive and capture those defining moments in FS. 😉

    • admin

      Hi Juanita! I’m so happy to hear I happened to capture a moment from the trilogy that is one of your favorites! I’m also happy to hear that you enjoyed the results! 🙂 It was really fun to create and it’s always my pleasure to share the illos. Glad you liked seeing a bit of his bad boy past and his ever-present possessiveness 😉 Thank you so much for your very kind words!

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