Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

This particular scene from Fifty Shades Freed is rarely if ever mentioned whenever I hear or read about favorite scenes from the books, but I find it to be one of the most sensual in the entire trilogy.

While Christian employs the same beverage serving techniques in Fifty Shades of Grey as the two of them worked out a mutually agreed upon definition of the word, “nice,” I decided to attempt to capture the moment that transpired in Fifty Shades Freed. Both scenes containted theatrics that were of a very sensual nature, but this kitchen scene also seemed to have much deeper emotional reasons behind it for Christian.

Circumstances and events changed so quickly during this section of the last book of the trilogy, that Christian even seemed to be grappling with it himself. He is at his mercurial best as he goes from being extremely angry at Ana for exercising her woman’s prerogative to change her mind and go out for a drink (or two) with Kate, to being concerned she hasn’t eaten, to turning eating into a very sensual experience, to turning that sensuality into teasing her in the playroom which quickly turns into Christian’s form of punishment by withholding full pleasure to Ana. At this point he becomes so carried away with his feelings of helplessness and frustration that Ana must resort to using a safe word which abruptly makes him realize he had gone much too far.

But getting back to the kitchen…

When putting all these events together, it seems as though Christian’s wide gamut of emotions and reactions during this portion of the book was a culmination of the effect that his tragic childhood had on him. I may be reading a bit too much into it all, but when he insisted on feeding Ana, he was showering her with a sort of maternal care that he never received from his birth mother, and that he haltingly allowed his adoptive mother to give him. You could go as far as to say that he literally fed Ana the Sancerre much like a mother bird feeds its young, when he  passed the wine from his mouth to hers.

Christian had never cared for, nor loved another person as he loved Ana. The unfortunate and tragic circumstances that influenced his childhood also had a major influence as to how he developed emotionally. This in turn also effected how he viewed and participated in relationships with others. He never received such concern or care from his birth mother, so he overcompensated when showing his affection and care for Ana.

Because he felt so helpless as a child and was starved for emotional connection with his birth mother, this effected how he interacted with Ana. This manifested itself in the way he was always so overly concerned with her interests and safety. Christian seemed to equate keeping her safe from harm with showing affection–something he had been unable to do for his mother. However, if he felt that Ana had unnecessarily exposed herself to danger, or didn’t follow his instructions, his first inclination was to punish her for it. To him, the punishment was also showing a form of affection–to stress that you must follow his rules to keep safe. Ana soon experienced just this in the playroom soon after her meal was finished in the kitchen. This need to control, either before or after conflict, was all part of his coping mechanism.

But not everything about this scene was quite so intense. There were also some lighter moments as well. While Christian set out to make this a very sensual experience and to build up anticipation (one of his favorite tactics) the scene was also great in that it included a bit of humor. Although Christian is quite accomplished at many things, a master in the kitchen he is not. Unlike the graceful ease he typically exhibits, in the kitchen he is reduced to clumsiness and swearing! 😉 Discovering that Christian isn’t perfect at all things requiring skill made it that much more charming as he tried his best to serve Ana a delicious meal in his own unique way.

As a side note: when I came upon this moment in Fifty Shades Freed, it immediately reminded me of a scene in a movie called “Indochine” that I caught on television several years ago. The male lead was desperately trying to revive the female lead, if I recall correctly. So, he filled his mouth with water and tried to pass it from his mouth to hers. At the time I was quite young and all I could think at first was, “Ew!” but then thought it was kind  of romantic in a tragic and bittersweet sort of way. 😉 It was definitely not a flowery or romantic scene, but quite intense. So when I read about the seductive way Christian served the Sancerre to Ana, from then on, it gave me a much more pleasant picture in my head. 🙂


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  1. marketia gladney

    Love Love Love!!!! This was my favorite part of the book. One of then and I think you are just so talented!! Love your work

    • admin

      Hi Marketia! I’m glad I happened to pick one of your favorite parts of the book! I hope I did it justice for you! 🙂 Thank you so much for all your kind words 🙂

  2. Nancy M.

    even though I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of your illustrations (and go back and look at them every so often), this is one of my favs. You can see them front forward, crazy in love (even through CG has other ideas that lead to Red, Red, Red!). So enjoy this. He looks SO juicy and she is such a beauty whether her hair is up or down. And besides, I can never get enough Fifty and click on your website nearly every day, so remind me of the wonderful fantasies in my life. Thank you for all your hard work. And your insightfulness with your explanation is “spot on “….as Mary Poppins would say! Bravo…Victoria. you will get lots of delicious comments on this one! 😉

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Oh, I really appreciate the fact that you visit often, I really do. 🙂 But I’m happy to hear that this latest piece is one of your favorites! Ha! Can’t go wrong with a Mary Poppins quote! I’m glad you enjoyed my ramblings along with the illustration! Thank you for your lovely comments!

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  4. Thank you for such great illustrations and analysis. I’m part of the staff of a Brazilian fansite about Fifty Shades and we always post your drawings and texts, giving you the credit, of course. Pay us a visit!

    • admin

      Hi Maria! It’s my pleasure to share, and I’m so glad you are enjoying my work! I did check out your fansite and it’s fantastic! Great work by you and your staff. Please keep it up, it looks great! Thanks so much for sharing my work. I truly appreciate your support! 🙂

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  6. Nellie

    I just can’t resist commenting,I look forward to seeing your work just as much as I’m anticipating the movie cast being announced. Yes, I love this scene too and Christian in the kitchen is very humorous, I agree that it adds to his charm. It also reminds me of his attempt at chopping peppers in Ana’s apartment, I just want to give him a hug!!

    But this scene is special in the book and as always I love your description. I was so proud of Ana for using the safe word, Christian did get carried away. My favourite part of this illustration is seeing his wedding ring, makes me go all gooey inside.

    Until laters, Nellie xxoo

    • admin

      Hi Nellie! Thank you for taking a moment to comment! I really appreciate it. 🙂 Wow, I’m flattered that you look forward to seeing my work that much! That’s quite the compliment! Also happy to hear you enjoy my rambling, even though I do get carried away at times…LOL! You noticed the ring! I always like to put in all the tiny details, so it’s great to hear when anyone notices them. Even better that it made you go all gooey inside! 😉 Thanks again!

  7. Paula

    I loved that scene to! And don´t forget the music that Christian run on the iPod…. Wicked Game… y think Ana sarted the game when she dressed the dress that Christian prefered, and then he turned on the game when he was in her favorite jeans…

    • admin

      Hi Paula! Ah yes, it’s always a sort of tennis match with these two, isn’t it? Each thinking they’re outsmarting the other, but they both end up the victor when it’s all said and done 😉

  8. Laura O.

    Thank you so much for these. I stumbled onto your site through Pinterest. I was so sad when I finished the three books. Your work has really helped me. You do amazing stuff! Thanks again!

    • admin

      Hello Laura! Oh no, I’m sorry you were so sad after you finished the books, but I’m happy to hear that stumbling upon my site through Pinterest helped to boost your spirits a bit! It’s my pleasure to share the illustrations, and I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying them! Thanks so much! 🙂

  9. JaySamie

    Hi Victoria, You have so beautifully expressed this scene through both your illustration and your words. It is true that it is not often talked about and I must admit when I first read this I thought it a bit wierd but always thought it so intimate and sensual – you have captured the essence and the feeling of this so beautifully! You have such a gift Victoria. I so admire you as I believe that it is a true purpose to move people and stir the emotions, I believe there should be a version of FS with your illustrations throughout. 🙂 JaySamie

    • admin

      Hi JaySamie! Gosh! Thank you so much for your very, very kind words! 🙂 I’m so glad my illustration seemed to capture the scene for you. I’m truly touched by your comments and it’s lovely to hear that my illustrations can have such an effect on those who see them. Wow, an illustrated version of the books would be so fun to see! I would be absolutely floored if I was asked to participate in such a project! 😀

  10. Lisa

    I also loved this seen. You captured it beautifully!

  11. Vicky W

    Another success. And what an essay…so insightful.
    I love how you explore the characters. I would also add, I believe, while Ana is still challenged to learn how to be in a relationship (if you are going to be late or change a plan, you should call), CG is still trying to learn how to empathize (changing your mind is not that big of a deal, is it?). Both CG and Ana are immature novices in relationships, so it is natural they will have bumps in the road. Ana knows CG doesn’t “fight fair”, but she still is learning how to communicate and this is where it really comes to roost. Thank you again for the eye candy and your thoughts on the characters.

    • admin

      Hi Vicky! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed both the illustration and my ramblings! 😉 I completely agree with you–both of them are novices when it comes to relationships. Even though Christian had been with several women, they weren’t really ‘relationships’ but more like ‘agreements’ or ‘arrangements.’ Ana had never had any interactions with anyone. They were both being confronted with the same challenges, but each reacted and dealt with them in different ways which often clashed. They were both on a level playing field–more so than either of them probably realized…
      LOL! “eye candy”…I love that! ;D

  12. Bia

    This illustration is soooo, soooo beautiful! I love it!
    Your Christian is so hot hahahahahaha.
    This is one of my favorite parts of the book. 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Bia! Wow, love your very enthusiastic response to the illo! ;D Thanks! LOL! Glad you…um…enjoyed my interpretation of Christian in the piece too. ;D

  13. Pamella

    Excelente trabalho, Victoria.
    Captou a essência do romance.

  14. Jackie

    Another beautiful illustration Victoria! I too found this scene intriguing. My favorite is the plane for their honeymoon….can we see that one soon?? You nail him with the hair everytime…..

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Jackie! I’m happy to hear that you’re continuing to enjoy my illos! 🙂 My brain acts in strange ways…so sometimes I’m not even sure what the next piece will be! I start planning on one idea but not be very confident in it, then another will pop into my head. I know…makes no sense…LOL! Glad you like the way I do his hair, thanks! 🙂 (that made it sound like I’m his hair stylist! LOL! Hmmm…that would be a fun job…)

  15. Tiffany

    love love! the wedding band on Christian is so sexy 🙂


    • admin

      LOL! I really liked the description of his wedding ring as it “clinks against the glass,” so I made sure that it was very visible in the illustration. 🙂

  16. Mariena

    Wow Victoria!!!
    DEfinetly this is one of my favorite I loved,
    Congrats for your amazing work and captivism!

    • admin

      Hi Marlena! I’m so glad to hear that you consider this illustration one of your favorites! Thank you so much for your very kind words! Very sweet of you! 😀

  17. A. Sue

    aaaaa….beautiful illustration, made even more breathtaking by the presence of the wedding band *siiiiighhh* And i find yr translation of Christian feeding Anna the wine. am not the kind of person who find meaning behind the obvious, am a very straight forward person 🙂 but i love reading yr analysis of the characters n situation

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed the illo! Thanks so much for checking it out. I’m also happy to hear you enjoy reading my ramblings as well! 😉

  18. A. Sue

    i realized i forgot the word ‘interesting’ after ‘feeding Anna the wine’ ;P sorry

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