Parting Gift

Parting Gift
Before reading any further, if you haven’t yet finished Fifty Shades of Grey or the first portion of Fifty Shades Darker, then you might want to stop now…but be sure to come back once you’ve finished! 😉 I know I would hate to stumble upon any spoilers, so I want to make sure that everyone is forewarned!

However, if you have completed the first and maybe even the second book of the trilogy (and let’s face it, the way the first book ends It’s nearly impossible not to start Darker immediately!) then you are aware that all is not well between Christian and Ana. At the close of Fifty Shades of Grey and as Fifty Shades Darker begins, we learn of the aftermath of Ana leaving Christian and the immense pain and confusion Ana felt as she returned to her apartment.

But, Christian’s experiences were never really revealed. Sure, little bits of information (and lies) were mentioned by Elena, and even a bit by Christian himself, but nothing very descriptive. So, I thought a bit about it and decided to try to depict one instance from the day Ana left.

Although both were devastated at that moment, the pull they felt toward each other remained, even though on the surface they felt they both needed different things from each other to make the relationship work. This added confusion for sure, but  both of them probably felt deep down inside that things were not yet completely over…probably more so for Christian…

First I imagined that after standing there stunned and staring at the closed elevator doors for a few moments, Christian began to aimlessly wander about Escala as his mind raced at what had just occurred between the two of them. Like Ana, it was probably a mix of emotions for him: still processing the shock and loss, the confusion of the emotions he was not used to feeling, and probably realizing he was in love for the first time yet at the same moment also realizing that he had also lost the first and only woman he has truly loved. In fact, as we learned later, the trauma of that day actually acted as a catalyst in bringing about even more significant changes to the way Christian chose to deal with conflict in his life, and to reconsider the ways he had thought best to protect himself from harm of various types.

But since Christian Grey is a stranger to failure and giving up is never an option in his universe, I’m sure that even though he was experiencing a sense of loss and in was deep emotional pain, in the back of his mind he was already planning a strategy to get her back. Maybe never even doubting that the situation wasn’t as dire as it seemed at first glance.

So, as he continued  to make his way through Escala, eventually he would most likely end up in his bedroom and notice something on the bed. That is when he would discover the modeling kit and note Ana had left him–an unexpected parting gift. I imagined Christian staring at the note for quite some time. The first few minutes surrendering to the feelings of loss and how her note made the parting seem more final. But, soon his usual controlled and logical nature would return. He would carefully process the situation, and assess different ways to bring Ana back to him. Even though it had only been a short time since she had left him, I’m sure Christian was not going to give up that easily and was already laying basic plans on how to get her to return. Sure, it might be delusional for most people in the same situation, but we’re talking about Christian Grey here, and he always gets what he wants! 😉

By the time he had taken up the task of assembling the model so he could proudly display the thoughtful, yet bittersweet gift, I’m sure Christian already had several contingency plans in place. Lucky for him, all it took was a phone call and an offer of a ride to José’s art show!


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  2. ChristianGreylover

    Wow…Flawless as always!!!My poor Greyheart…My poor Christian so in love and yet so irresponsible as to not notice it!!!I’ve cried so much at the end of FSOG!!! And I also,like you,wanted to know how Christian behaved in that small 5 days gap aaaand as if by Magic i finally came to know…Thanks to E L James ff which is still around the web(she has placed some scenes from CG POV!!)…Want to know?Want to know if you have caught the moment perfectly with your drawing? Well…He seems completely destroyed by Anastasia departure…Lost,Painful,incredulous b/c she promised him that she’d never leave(while she was asleep)and He believed her!!!and even if he believes that is for the best he can’t overcome the idea that she is gone…So he decided to go for a shower…After that, wearing only a towel(or at least i guess….I do not know if I understand correctly…I’m italian,so forgive me 🙂 ) he found her gift and he was nearly fainted. Here’s the exact words:
    It‘s something from her. What would she give me? I drop my clothes and, taking a deep breath, sit on the bed and pick up the box. It‘s a glider. A model-making kit for a Blanik L23. A scribbled note falls from the top of the box, wafting on to the bed.
    This reminded me of a happy time.
    Thank you.
    Oh fuck… the perfect present from the perfect girl. Pain lances through me. Christ, it‘s indescribable. I double over, disemboweled. She‘s really fucking gone… leaving me this little glider. Why is this so painful? Why? Am I sick? I don‘t understand, why do I feel this way?
    Then he decided to build it in his office to distract from the immense pain he felt…It is so poignant!!!
    Great work with Your drawing…I think that you played very well the moment!!

    • admin

      I’m so happy to hear you really enjoyed this illustration! Thank you for checking it out! Oh, and thank you for providing the snippet from some fanfic! That was quite interesting to read! 😀 And don’t worry, your English is great! I wish I could speak and write Italian that well! 🙂

  3. I wonder if she hadn’t left the glider if he wouldn’t have had the right “therapy” to figure out what to do.

    • admin

      Hi Crissy! I think that gift held a lot more importance than either of them realized at the time! In a lot of ways…

  4. Waleskalopez

    ~ This was amazing ❤it OMG it make you think about
    Now when you get to that part thanks am reading the books
    For the 4 th time can’t get enough of it I picture CG as Ian & Anna as Lucy hale
    Just my opinion thank keep up the good work

    • admin

      Thank you! I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed this new illustration! Wow, I hope you’re enjoying your 4th reading of the trilogy, and that it’s as fun to read as the very first time! 🙂

  5. Nancy Meyhoefer

    I LOVE it!….and he does indeed fall apart…..I have read the blog.

    She’s been writing this since last June…she’s amazing! She’s on book 3. you would LOVE her blog.

    • admin

      Thanks Nancy! Glad you enjoyed the new illustration! Oh, I’ll have to check out the blog! Thanks for the link 🙂

  6. Catherine

    OMG really lfrdove his expression – it just captures everything he was feeling – pain, shock, confusion. That whole look just screams “what the f**k have I done”. Hope the film focuses on Christian’s feelings during their five days apart – coz the books left it totally to our imagination. I would still love to have the books written from his perspective but, as I’ve said before, starting right back from his troubled adolescence.

    • Catherine

      Sorry, that was supposed to say ‘really love his expression’ – my cat jumped on the keyboard just as I pressed post comment LOL 🙂

    • nancy

      chck out you don’t know what you are missing! She has the best blog out there. she started in June last year. can’t believe you haven’t found it.

    • admin

      Hi Catherine! LOL!!! You must teach your cat to type correctly in the future! ;D Thank you for all your very kind words! So happy to hear that the mixture of emotions Christian was experiencing came through for you in my interpretation! You’ve made my day! 🙂 Yes, I agree with you on both counts: I’d love to see what he did during the separation as well as reading things from his perspective. I think that’s what mainly drew me to the books–I wanted to find out how he would continue to change and grow while dealing with his awful past. He’s such an intriguing character! 🙂

      • Catherine

        I’ll have words with Baggy the cat! He has an obsession with my laptop – the mousepad no longer works where he’s dribbled onto it and if you try to remove him he digs his claws in and rips the keys right out! It can’t be very comfortable, but I guess it’s the warmth. He is a strange cat, though – he once spent 3 days sleeping on a carrier bag full of cooking apples ??? LOL 🙂

        • admin

          LOL! Sounds like Baggy the cat is a real character! 😀 Hmmm…a cat can produce *that much* dribble?! O.o hahaha! Your poor laptop! Well, maybe his obsessive attachment is just proof of his higher intelligence, and he really dreams of being a coder or…a hacker! ;D A hacker that experiences great comfort from the fragrance of apples… 😉

  7. Bia

    As always, I loved the illustration and the subject… I cry every time I read this part of the book and have also found myself thinking about how Christian was after Ana left…
    E.L. James had to write his version, it would be so nice.

    • admin

      Thanks Bia! What a way to end the first book, right?! I suppose that’s one shortcoming from the narration coming from Ana’s point of view…now everyone wants to know what Christian was experiencing!!! 😉

  8. Deanna

    Love this, Victoria! And I think you’ve captured, beautifully, how Christian would feel at this moment in the book. You know, you could put out a book of all your artwork depicting the Fifty Shades Trilogy with few words, just moments captured and it would tell the story amazingly:) Look forward to seeing the next one!

    • admin

      Thank you, Deanna for the very, very kind words! I’m really glad you enjoyed the piece 🙂 It would be really amazing to put a book out one day…seems like eventually I’ll have the entire trilogy covered like a picture book! LOL! Thank you for continuing to check out my work!

  9. Inbal

    Oh My!

    I love this illustration!
    I love that you tried to draw a moment we know very little of, mainly by hear-say of a certain pedo we hate (errrrrrrrrr ;-)), and I believe you totally nailed it 🙂

    There is another scene I’m dying to see you draw… (more than just one, but this one especially) when Christian drops on his knees in front of Ana, giving her a very frightening, sad, disturbing glimpse of his submissive mode… interesting for me to see it not just in my imagination 🙂 just a thought.

    • admin

      Aw, thanks so much Inbal, I’m happy to hear you liked this one! It’s a bit tricky to attempt to capture something that isn’t even described in the books, but I figured I’d give it a go! It’s so nice to hear that you felt I captured it accurately! 🙂
      Oh yes, the scene where he reverts to submissive mode…I’ve thought about this scene *a lot* believe me. Even sketched roughs several times. When I feel confident with a good layout for it, I’ll definitely attempt an illustration. I just want it to be just right. 🙂

  10. Jackie

    Victoria – -another great one. Helps us to “see” him more clearly! Great job as usual. Keep them coming!!

    • admin

      So happy to hear you liked my latest, Jackie! I think it’s nearly impossible to truly capture Christian, but it’s fun to make the attempts! 😉 Really glad you’re enjoying the illustrations so far, and thanks so much for continuing to check them out! Definitely more coming soon! 🙂

  11. Carro

    Just love your pictures. They make Ana & Christian come even more to life. Having a bit of abstinence waiting for new pics, that´s how much I appreciate them.

    Thanks from Sweden

    • admin

      Hello there, Carro! I’m so glad that you are enjoying my illustrations! Thank you for the very flattering and kind words 🙂 I hope to have a new piece completed soon, so hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer. Thank you for being patient! 🙂

  12. J9

    I happen to have the out take of Christians side of the story during this Period of time up and following Jose’s (jakes) artshow. It was a charity outtake that EL wrote back when it was fanfiction so Christian and Anna are written as Edward and Bella. Let me know if u want a copy so you have an idea of Christians mind set.Thank u for sharing your beautiful art and words with us look forward to your next blog

    • admin

      Hi J9! It’s completely my pleasure to share my illustrations with everyone (and force my ramblings on everyone along with it!) 😉 I’m glad you are enjoying them and thank you for checking them out! 🙂 Ooo…that outtake sounds interesting!

  13. J9

    I happened to read this story when it was fanfiction (Master of the Universe) and E.L. actually wrote Christian’s (Edward’s) side of this part of the story and had it available for contributions for charity. If you would like to read it let me know. It tells his side of the story from the spanking and Anna (Bella) leaving him thru Jose’s (Jake’s) art show and them getting back together. It really gives great insight into his mind set

  14. A. Sue

    Oh Christian. I stumbled into some excerpt of Christian’s pov during this time. He was such a wrecked! Its heartbreaking.

    I actually cried when i read the end of FSOG. Had to go out to the bookstore there n then to get Darker. there’s no way i’m gonna be left hanging saddened like that! Now i’m worried if the movie is gonna leave me hanging, crying, just like the first book. Do you have any idea will the movie have a good or sad ending?

    • admin

      Oh yes, the end of the first book completely left you hanging! I think I immediately began reading the second book as well! 😉 I have no idea how the first movie will end, but it sure will be frustrating if it does end like the book and we all have to wait at least a year for the next movie! :O

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