Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day
I couldn’t possibly let Valentine’s Day go by without some sort of Fifty Shades related illustration now, could I? The idea popped into my head at the last minute so I quickly put together a new Skillo™ of Christian and Ana celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own special way…

Hmmm…I wonder what Christian would give his Ana for Valentine’s Day? Most people might select a nice card to go along with a romantic gift. A typical greeting card might say something like, “Be Mine” but most likely in Christian’s case the card would read, “You. Are. Mine.” 😉

Judging from the illustration, seems like Christian decided to present Ana with a ‘handmade’ gift instead! From the look on Ana’s face, she seems very pleasantly surprised by his creativity!

Hope you all enjoy a very Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡



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14 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Bia

    As always, you rocked Victoria! 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  2. Nancy M

    As Ana would say, Oh My!


  3. Catherine

    Oh my, the perfect Valentine’s Day – TWO Christians, Grey and Louboutin! What I’d give for that! Love the illustration, Victoria – keep ’em coming 🙂

    • admin

      What else could a girl want, right Catherine? …well, maybe some chocolate would be nice too. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed the piece! Thank you! 😀

  4. Tiffany

    Hi Victoria– Happy belated Valentine’s day!!!!!! cute! and so true too. I have this huge grin looking at this 🙂 love your work, keep’em coming is right 🙂


    • admin

      Thanks Tiffany! I hope you enjoyed a very nice Valentine’s Day also! 🙂
      Oh, it makes me so happy that the illustration brought a smile to your face!!! That is so wonderful to hear! Thanks again for the kind words and don’t worry…more coming soon! 🙂

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  6. Im just now seeing this…..As always….you rocked it!!! Love. Love. Love!

    • admin

      Hi Marketia! Hooray! I love your enthusiastic response to the illustration! 😀 Thank you! I hope you had a really wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  7. ChristianGreylover

    I really can not explain how much I love your drawings…They are simply perfect!!! So much CG’s style…
    ‘A typical greeting card might say something like, “Be Mine” but most likely in Christian’s case the card would read, “You. Are. Mine.” ‘(quoting you !!)…
    Yeah,he would say exactly these things…because he is the man most possessive that exists in the world…OPS he doesn’t exist,I almost forgot : ( …But thanks to your drawings I can perceive him more ‘real’…It’s amazing…
    Do you accept suggestions for future works?If the answer is yes, I would like to see the moment depicted in ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ when Christian kneels at Ana’s feet and asks her to marry him… I love that scene…If you wanted to draw it would be great…
    I’ll say you in italian SEI BRAVISSIMA!!!! 😉

    • admin

      Wow!!! Thank you sooo much for all of your lovely commments!♡ It’s extremely flattering to hear that my illustrations help you to feel that Christian Grey seems more ‘real!’ 😉 I am so glad you are enjoying the pieces! 😀 The scene you mentioned was a very pivotal moment from the books, so I would imagine that I would attempt is at some point in the future! 🙂 Thank you again, you are very sweet! 🙂

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