Ana á la mode

Ana a la mode
Out of the entire Fifty Shades Trilogy, I have to admit that Fifty Shades Darker contains many great parts that I have been itching to illustrate. So, again I have chosen a scene from that particular book. If you haven’t gotten that far in the trilogy yet, please stop here and finish the book first! As usual, I’d hate to spoil anything. It’s much more fun to be surprised by all the great moments as you read them!

When I  came upon the ice cream scene in Darker, I knew immediately that I had to attempt an illustration depicting that part of the book. But even though I was dying to recreate the scene, I just couldn’t picture the layout in my head. It’s literally been months that I have been thinking about it and nothing seemed to click for me. Finally I decided to simply try sketching ideas and see if it lead to something promising. I hope the result does the fantastic moment some justice!

This particular scene appealed to me because it was very lighthearted and fun in comparison to the more intense and emotionally charged love scenes in the other parts of the trilogy. Something a little different and a bit unexpected! It was a surprise to see Christian being so playful, yet he still showed traces of his ever-present emotional uncertainty and employed his usual techniques to protect and distance himself.

As far as the ice cream…it wasn’t mentioned what kind of vanilla ice cream it was. Now, I pride myself on being accurate and using as much detail as possible, so I decided to be faithful to the region and use Tillamook ice cream. But, from what I could tell, they only sell their ice cream in the larger tubs! I thought it would look odd to have Christian holding a giant tub of ice cream in Ana’s bed. 😉 So, I made an executive decision and made it Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla!  NOTE: a couple of you let me know that Ben & Jerry’s was in fact mentioned by name. My mistake! It’s been a while since I’ve read the book and I didn’t look far enough back in the scene to find the reference! I wondered why I kept thinking it was B&J but couldn’t verify…I’m just glad I made that executive decision! 😉

Prior to the fun those two had with the ice cream, we learned that Christian Grey was not very experienced or skilled in the kitchen. This became evident when he attempted to chop some vegetables and had a bit of trouble with it. What a surprise it was to find out that there was something that he had yet to master and perfect! But, as we later learned, he was quite an expert when it came to serving dessert! 😉


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  2. He certainly seems to know his way around the kitchen when he wants to 😉

  3. Catherine

    Very sexy – love it. My practical side would be thinking about having to wash the sheets plus I hate being cold – perhaps warm custard would be better for me LOL 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Catherine! LOL!!!! Oh, your comment made me laugh so hard!!! But it’s true!!! Can you imagine the messy melted ice cream all over that bed?! Ooo…warm custard…the mind reels… 😉

      • Inbal

        I would suggest that if you skip the cold ice cream, go for warm chocolate sauce 😛
        Messy as hell and you’d have to sacrifice the poor sheet, but yummy. Custard seems too “vanilla” to me 😉

        • admin

          Hmmm…how about both the cold vanilla AND the warm chocolate sauce? The contrasting temperatures can make for some interesting sensory experiences! 😉 But yes, it’d be quite a mess! (but I think defintely worth sacrificing the sheets!) 😉

          • Inbal

            Oh yeah, now you’re talking! 😀
            That would be “Sundae a la Ana”

            And I just had too go back and read the scene again last night 🙂 Yummy!

          • admin

            LOL! I hope you had fun with the re-read of the scene!!! 😀

    • Nancy

      Oh Catherine…if you were in the throws of passion, I don’t think you would get too cold with ice cream….I think you would be welcoming it like a sex kitten! I wish I liked IC…for me it would have to be a french silk blizzard (tee hee)!

      • Catherine

        Nancy, I had to google French Silk Blizzard (sounds like a type of condom) – not sure they exist in the UK, but sure sound tasty! My two favourite things in life are sex and food, but I don’t ever combine the two! I’m well past being a sex ‘kitten’ by the way LOL 😉

        • Anonymous

          No, a french silk blizzard is not a condom, but boy you nearly had me belly laughing…..your 2 favorite things are Sex and Food? Mine are Sex and Liquor…then Food.

  4. stella

    As usual, your talent amazes me. This drawing is so much like I pictured the scene. As a matter of fact, it is one of my favorites. It shows a lighter side of Christian that he is stiving so much to achieve, not only for Ana, but himself. Thank you again for your beautiful talent.

    • admin

      Gosh Stella! Thank you so much for your very lovely comments! 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the piece. I agree on your take on what Christian was experiencing during that moment in the book. It was interesting to see a situation where he was really making a big effort to move out of his usual controlled world.

  5. Ohh Victoria.
    Once again I’m in chock!
    Your illustrations just gets better and better.
    This one almost looked like a picture when I saw it att first, that’s how great it is.
    You really are amazing at what you do!

    Isabelle from Sweden, again 😉

    • admin

      Hello again, Isabelle! Wow, thanks so much for all the lovely comments! Very kind of you! It’s so flattering to hear that it looked that realistic to you. Maybe from a distance… 😉 But that’s extremely sweet of you to say! I’m so glad you are enjoying the illustrations 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Bethann

    Actually, it does mention Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Ice Cream when they share dessert. I am not sure if its available where you live, but here in the U.S., it is a very popular brand. Great depiction of this scene, too. I imagine this spontanous experience was as new to Ana as it was to Christian. And its so out of character for Christian. How far from The Red Room of Pain can you get when you think about it????? LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! your new drawing. I must check 5 or 6 times a day for something new!

    • admin

      Hi Bethann! Yes, you are absolutely correct! I wondered why I kept thinking it was Ben & Jerry’s but couldn’t find the exact excerpt in the book. Turns out I just didn’t look back far enough in the scene. Oops! I’ve since added a note in the blog post. Thank you for letting me know! 🙂

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the illustration! I agree–it was totally out of character for Christian. I think that’s why I immediately loved that part of the book! Every time we learned something new about him, I loved it!

      Wow, thanks for visiting the site so often! I only wish I could finish pieces that fast, so I’d have something new every time you visit! But seriously, I am working on becoming quicker. With practice I’m sure it’ll happen!


  7. Liliane

    Beautiful drawing as usual, Victoria 🙂 Seriously, everytime I look at it, I can feel the sex in the air, LOL. I’m from Brazil, and I think I speak for all of us that your work is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G <3

    • admin

      Thanks so much Lilliane! Wow! I don’t think one of my illustrations has ever had that sort of effect before…LOL! ;D *waves hello to you over in Brazil*

  8. nancy

    Brilliant as ever. I, too, check your site daily…even though I know you can’t work that fast, but it’s fun nevertheless.

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! Aw, thanks for visiting my site regularly! I really appreciate it! Glad to hear you still enjoy it, even though there might not be new pieces up every time you visit. Hopefully I can speed things up in the future! 🙂

  9. Nora

    That’s beautiful and hot!

  10. Tiffany

    I love your drawings, I look for new drawings every day. Amazing work! this is so hot!


    • admin

      Hi Tiffany! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the illustrations! Very sweet of you to check in so often. I’m sorry I don’t have new things up every day. I wish I could complete pieces that quickly! 🙂 Hopefully I can get a little faster so the waits won’t be nearly as long. Thank you for your very kind words! 🙂

  11. barbara

    me encantaria afiliarme a esta pag ya que sus dibujos son fabulosos los librosss merecen estos dibujos sin duda excelente tabajo amiga

    • admin

      Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad that you like the illustrations and thank you for visiting my site! 🙂

  12. Hi! Your pictures are really, really beautiful! I love them!

    • admin

      Hi Melisa! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m really happy that you’re enjoying the illustrations! Thank you for taking a look at them 🙂

  13. Karina

    wow amazing and sexy job! love it!

  14. DreamsHunter

    Precious has not thought of one where Cristian shown as submissive Ana? is the more striking when you read esenas first?? 😀

    • admin

      Oh, do you mean the scene where Christian reverts back to when he was a submissive? That’s a great scene! I agree, it’s very striking the very first time you read it! It would be a terrific scene to attempt to capture, but I haven’t yet come up with an idea that I feel would do it justice just yet. I am dying to try it though! Hopefully I’ll post an illustration of it sometime soon! 🙂

  15. Christina Kimball

    I was actually looking for scenes for my boys to read on film

    • admin

      Hi Christina! Just giving them specific scenes as an introduction and get them interested? 😉 Hopefully after that, they’ll decide to read the entire book!

  16. Haliey G.

    I would like to apologize in advance because I will totally be rambling on in this review 😉 First of all, this is by far my FAVORITE of all depictions for all the obvious reasons 😉 But I have to admit, that I am actually obsessed with Ana’s bedroom and when I saw this I just went nuts. Please do not think me weird but I try to find anything I can on Ana’s bedroom. Which I have to ask and please do not be mad but………will there ever be a illo about Christian surprising Ana in her bedroom in book one showing her bedroom?????? I actually have been dying to ask you this question and I finally remembered to ask. Also, I have an extremely stupid question for you so be prepared :p but, why did you show Ana’s desk lamp as orange. I know please do not laugh, but I’m pathetic I know but why? XD I love knowing why people did stuff so I suppose that is why. And as to what you see Ana’s bedroom as??????? I would love to hear what an artist sees as Ana’s bedroom. Anyway, I am so sorry for this lengthy review, but I just ramble on and on 😉 Thank you so much for this picture!

    • admin

      Hi Haliey! Hahahaha! Don’t apologize! I really love your curiosity and enthusiasm a lot! It’s fantastic! 😀 Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I wanted to make sure I had time to sit down and address everything you’ve asked 🙂

      It’s wonderful to hear that this illo is your favorite! I must say that this particular piece has gotten a very nice response…but must bring out strong feelings–both good and bad–because this illo has been pulled down from both my Facebook and Pinterest pages! 🙁 I suppose I should be flattered that it made such an impression, but I find it amusing that a simple drawing can actually cause upset to some. It revealed nothing more than you might see on any beach! 🙂

      As a matter of fact, I have had another idea for an illo taking place in Ana’s bedroom, bouncing around in my head. It may sound crazy, but it takes me a while to plan the way I see it in my head before I’ll be happy with it, and actually sketch it out. This particular illo will be a bit complicated in its layout, which is why I haven’t tried it yet. But eventually I’ll get it created! 😉

      Hahaha! There are no stupid questions! Why is her lamp orange? That’s actually a good question. 🙂 Since her furniture was all white, the sheets were most probably light in color and probably the walls as well–I wanted to choose a contrasting color that sort of stood out but wasn’t too loud. I don’t believe a color was noted for her robe, so I chose a light blue since everything else was white. So, the lamp color was a nice contrast to the light blue robe sash tying her hands and complimented the skin tones that dominated the color of the piece. Basically just guessing but also trying to make all the colors work together well. I prefer it when the details are described (which happens often, thank goodness!) but for this scene, certain details weren’t fully described.

      In the first book, I pictured her bedroom as quite small with just the basics. Maybe seeming even smaller due to her white whicker furniture set and desk.

      Would love to hear how you picture her bedroom!

      Hope this sort of answers what you were curious about. 🙂 Really glad you enjoyed the illo! Thank you! 😀

  17. Haliey G.

    Hi! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for responding back!!!! Everything you said really made sense, I guess I did not look at it from the angle that you were doing a contrast, but that really makes a great deal of sense. I actually do think her robe was blue, so when I saw this illo that is what made this even more amazing because of all the accuracy you made it.

    And I also want to say I totally appreciate your time for answering my question because I’m sure you are busy in your personal life, so THANK YOU! 🙂 Oh my gosh really! You are planning something?!?! WOW, I am super excited when it becomes created. Especially if its a scene like in the first book. Because in all honesty, I thought that scene was a really intense moment for Ana. Because lets face it, she just looks up and she sees this gorgeous man standing in her simple bedroom looking at her unannounced. That was truly intense I thought and it is actually one of my favorite parts of book one. But, I totally understand your creative process, because I write stories online and I know I think of things and I think of more things then in my mind I place it together then when I like it, put it on paper XD Oh my gosh your kidding! It got taken down!? Why? I mean I know it is pretty intimate but it is not like you are showing anything private of theirs. Which I have to say is one of the reasons I love your depictions is because first, I have not seen anybody else do such a thing. And second, you recreate the scenes in a tasteful and respective manner. You know what I mean? It doesn’t look like it came out of a porn rag which I applauded you for. 🙂

    Wow, thank you so much for asking me about what I thought her bedroom looked like. Well I would have to agree with you, I do see her bedroom as simple and not fully decorated. And I personally think anything she does have in her room as décor it would be something with personal meaning to her. I see her bedroom with very little on the walls and cream curtains,(which was described in the book.) Then now the orange lamp 😉 And plain white sheets with the white wicker furniture which I feel only consisted of a desk, one single nightstand, and a slender dresser with a little mirror on the top since I feel Ana didn’t look at her reflection much because of her flaws she thought she had. Then I see her quilt which was the one her mom made her, a blue and white Americana style quilt, (which was described in the book as well.) Which I thought was pretty cool, considering my quilt I have on my bed is white and blue and of an Americana style too. So now when I think of Ana’s quilt, I just think of mine 🙂 And now as I sit here and analyze it, I think that would be Ana’s style of the quilt.

    But I am probably reading to much into this, my family says me and my mom have that problem of over analyzing to much. But I don’t see that as a problem, because it seems like you do that too? You look deeper into the story of their meanings and emotional meanings. Ok I am rambling on again. I apologize for this lengthy review once again, I hope you are not getting annoyed with me yet. I just love talking XD Thanks again 🙂

    • Haliey G.

      Also, was the color of the sheets you made were they white, or ivory tone? Sorry for more questions.

      • admin

        Hello there, Haliey 🙂 I chose more of a white color, since that seemed the most basic. I suppose cream or ivory to better match the quilt her mom made her would fit, but again…Ana was all about inexpensive practicality. She hated to shop as well, so I’m sure the easiest and quickest choice would be white. 😉 But these are just my own interpretations, of course!

    • admin

      Hi Haliey! I’m glad my responses made sense! 🙂 It’s my pleasure to answer your questions. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by ask things you are curious about! 🙂

      Exactly! The mental preparations you go through before you write is exactly the same process I go through before starting a new illo! I can’t just start something cold. I need to have a game plan so I can hit the ground running! I spend *a lot* of time in preparations on a piece before I even begin to start sketching.

      Oh, I was so happy to read that you’d noticed how I try very hard to keep things tasteful! There are a couple of illos that I’ve done that aren’t for the eyes of little ones, but then again, they really don’t show anything too racy or explicit. Any naughty bits are kept under wraps for the most part. I prefer not to make things too ‘in your face’ and prefer to keep some details to the imagination. Sometimes that makes more of an impact I think! I’m glad you appreciate that effort. 🙂

      What a nice coincidence that you have a quilt much like Ana’s! I agree with the way you imagine her bedroom. She’s a student on a strict budget, so it wouldn’t be too fancy. Only the necessities. I think that would characterize her as a whole, basically. She was too focused on her education (and how to pay for it) to worry about appearances.

      Hmmm…maybe not so much over analyzing, but having a very active imagination! You like to write, so you’re always thinking about different situations and variations of those situations. I don’t see it as a problem either! Anything that stimulates your mind is a good thing, don’t you agree? 🙂

      Don’t apologize! As I said before, I really love your curiosity! 😀


      • Haliey G.

        Hi Victoria! Gosh thanks for responding back to my longgggg review 🙂 But I am happy you find my curiosity a good thing and not a bad thing 😉 Yes, I completely agree with you some are not for the little ones (like the red room of pain….or pleasure depictions ;)) but you it seems you do the theory ‘less is more’ which you are right, makes more of an impact and impression. Wow you agree too you can picture her bedroom that way!! That’s just so cool! (Sorry I get excited over the littlest thing.) When you said about the bare necessities characterizing Ana as a whole that really made me thinking, that is exactly the way you would characterize her. Her she was this studious plain Jane, who really had kind of a low self esteem, but yet she was able to Christian so much and then some. Of course Christian saw her as having so much more then the bare necessities. Anyway, thank you for telling me to that is how you see Ana’s bedroom, of course only time will tell with the movie coming out next year what it will look like, which makes this even more exciting! Thank you once again for responding back, and I hope it is ok to reply back onto your responses (I just don’t want to overstep boundaries.) Anyway, sooooooo looking forward to the next illo!!!!! 🙂

        • Haliey G.

          Sorry I made some mistakes, I am the queen of typos. 😀

          She was able to offer so much to Christian. That is what I meant to say, Sorry

        • admin

          Hi Haliey! Oh, curiosity is always a good thing in my book! 😉 Glad you agree with my characterization of Ana. It was kind of amusing to me how Ana was always noticing (and a bit jealous) of women becoming flustered and attracted to Christian wherever they went, but she was completely oblivious to many men finding her attractive (which Christian always noticed!) Like you mentioned, she had low self esteem, but I think also very focused on her goals. She didn’t seem to have time for anything that didn’t pertain to getting her education. I think that her focus is part of what attracted Christian, in addition to her pureness, and of course, that special spark! Even though she had problems with self esteem, she certainly wasn’t a pushover–as Christian learned over and over in the trilogy. I think he really liked that challenge! 😉

          Yes, I’m curious about how set design will look in the movie too! I wonder how much input–if any–EL James will have, since only she really knows how it should look. There are so many limitations in a film production too, so who knows? But it’ll still be fun to see the finished product!

          Oh don’t worry! You’re not overstepping any boundaries. Your questions were really fun! 🙂

          Currently mulling over a few ideas for the next illo…will have something new to share soon! Thanks again for your questions! 🙂

  18. A. Sue

    WOW! amazing job. i really didnt realize u put so much effort in the details – the lamp, the ice cream, the room…. double wow. maybe that’s why i can actually feel the heat between them plus the chill of the ice cream ;P

    • admin

      Thank you very much! I’m so happy to hear that you noticed and enjoyed the details in the piece. hahaha Glad it helped you feel the chill…as well as the heat! 😉

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