Circa 2005

So, I tried something a little  different this time…I had been dying to do an illustration based on Fifty Shades of Grey involving Christian Grey and Elena Lincoln back when he was her submissive. However, such a scene was never described in the books. A couple of times Christian mentioned things between he and Elena, but nothing was specific.

I was wary of trying to create anything between these two, but it kept popping into my head. I thought it might be fun, but wasn’t sure how others would like it. I decided on this particular year since it meant that Christian was legally an adult by that time, and it also eliminated some of the ‘ick’ factor. 😉

As I began to work on the illustration and planning what they would both wear, it was interesting filling in my own sort of backstory to it. I didn’t plan on that at all! I figured Elena would be of the stylish and very put together type of dominatrix, so I put her in a a dress–but a dress with an edge to it. Of course she would also wear sky-high Louboutins–which might explain Christian’s preference for them when providing clothing for Ana.

For Christian, at first I wasn’t sure if he should be in ripped jeans similar to the ones he wears in his own playroom. But when I was trying to decide what to put him in, I thought an interesting backstory would be that he had worn the same jeans for a significant amount of time that he was with Elena. Due to their ‘activities’ this caused lots of wear on the jeans as well as the ripped knees. Taking it a bit further, I supposed that maybe Christian chose to wear them as his own playroom ‘uniform’ sort of symbolizing his transition from submissive to dominant.

Okay, so I admit I have an active imagination. As I said, I wasn’t expecting to think about  possible backstories when I began, so it was a fun surprise as I worked on the illustration!

Oh, by the way, as I said before I was quite wary of attempting this piece. After I had finished the last illustration I was trying to figure out what to do next, but kept pushing the Christian/Elena idea to the back of my mind. But one day I was unexpectedly given a little encouragement by a couple of very sweet people on Twitter! Silvia (@Silvia_g1) and Christie (@cabingurl77) had asked me if I was working on the next piece and wondered what it would be. I don’t know why, but I mentioned I had an idea, but was a bit worried about trying it. They were very sweet and kept encouraging me to go for it. During our gabfest, even the 50 Shades Movie Fansite (@50ShadesMontage) offered some encouragement at one point! So, what can I say, I let them talk me into it. hahaha #eep

I hope everyone enjoys this piece, but let me go on the record by saying that if you abhor this illustration, then it’s all their fault! 😉


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  1. Catherine Dyne

    Love the FSoG illustrations, but especially liked the thought provoking Circa 2005. I have been hoping that E L James will write a Christian viewpoint version of the books, but this illustration has made me think it should include a prequel – showing Christian’s relationships with Elena and ‘the fifteen’

    • admin

      Hi Catherine! Wow, very flattering to hear that you thought the illustration was thought provoking! Thanks! 🙂 Your idea of a prequel is a terrific idea, and I’d never heard anyone suggest that before! It would be interesting to find out what his life was like in the past…

      • Catherine

        I think Christian’s story from his troubled adolecence till he meets Ana needs to be explored. It is, after all, his unhappy and abusive past that makes him ‘lovable’ fifty shades as opposed to plain ‘evil’ fifty shades. Hope they cast someone who will visibly portray his vulnerability in the movie. Matt Bomer does it for me! If the casting goes tits up I’ll just have to rely on my imagination and your illustrations – which are clearly on the same wavelength.

        • admin

          Hi Catherine! Yes, that would be an interesting read. Hmmm…could actually be split into a trilogy as well, perhaps? First book-childhood and then his adjustment as an addition to the Grey family, second book explores the evolution of his relationship with Elena and entering the world of BDSM and the third his transformation from sub to dom and eventually ending his relationship with Elena. Could spill into the first Fifty Shades book as well! So many possibilities for some great books, don’t you think? Whoever is eventually cast as Christian will have to live up to a lot, that’s for sure! So glad to hear the illustrations mesh well with your own mental images of the books! That’s wonderful to hear! Thanks! 🙂

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