rabbit protector

rabbit protector

Earlier this month, Sylvain Reynard announced that a fourth book would be released in The Gabriel Series. The new book–Gabriel’s Promise–will be released later this year, in December! So I thought it would be a great time for another illo inspired by the series…but this time I’ve attempted my interpretation of a character I have not attempted before!

One of Julia’s first interactions with a fellow student upon transferring to the University of Toronto, was with Paul Norris. Even in that first moment in class, he had taken it upon himself to help and be kind to her. To protect her. But as he got to know Julia, and found how much they had in common, his feelings for her grew as well.

So I thought I’d attempt one of several occasions when Rabbit (his affectionate nickname for Julia) had been summoned to the Professor’s office. This time it was prompted after Julia and Gabriel had just engaged in a rather heated ‘discussion’ during class. As always, Paul was quick to insist that he come along and provide any assistance possible. He hated to see Julia upset, and hated it even more when the Professor was the one upsetting her.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at his office, the Professor made it quite clear that he was only interested in speaking with Julia and told Paul to leave. So Paul was forced to wait outside, only imagining the worst, and filled with worry about poor Rabbit. I pictured him initially hovering nearby, and pacing near the door. But eventually Paul would take up residence on a set of stairs…that also happened to have a clear sight line to the Professor’s closed office door. There he would wait…but continue to imagine the worst…

Little did he know what was *really* transpiring inside that office…


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  1. This is awesome! I have loved this store. I just reread the first book back in November. I can’t wait tell the fourth book is out.
    Have a wonderful evening.

    • admin

      Thank you so much, Constance! Sorry for my very late reply. I’m glad you like the new illo and happy to hear that you’re looking forward to the new book in December!

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