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man in city

Time got away from me again and I have lots of pieces that I haven’t posted here, but have shared on my TwitterFacebookInstagram and Tumblr pages.

This first illo is a quickie that was unintentionally inspired by the ‘Men in Cities’ series, by artist, Robert Longo. I wanted to do a quick practice piece and was aimlessly looking for reference photos to inspire me. For some reason I felt like sketching men in suits, but in dynamic motion or flying through the air. As I started to draw I remembered Longo’s artwork. I’ve always loved that series!



Even though Thanksgiving (and all the eating that goes with it) had just passed, I found myself craving cheesecake very badly. So instead of indulging…I decided to paint a piece of cheesecake instead! 😂 I know…not nearly as satisfying, but it also contained far fewer calories! 😉


naptime over

During the holiday season, I’m able to share lots of great specials in my shop. But to break up the string of sale posts, I did a quickie illo of this sleepy fellow. 😉 I imagined him awakening after I had put him to sleep with all the previous posts. heehee



I felt like attempting to illustrate a figure in a static pose, which still gave a sense of movement due to the angles of the body. I stumbled upon photo ref for a portion of the upper body pose, but made up the rest for this piece!


quick girl sketch

One evening I intended to try out a new Photoshop technique…but got sidetracked and ended up with this quick sketch instead!


golden girl

I’m constantly trying to paint faster and use more loose brush strokes, to prevent an over rendered look. To practice, I found a photo to use as reference and created this piece. Changed a few details here and there, and wanted to test out painting gold jewelry. Most of it was completed fairly quickly, but then I got sidetracked and came back to it a few days later and finished the hair. 😊

There are quite a few more, but I’ll stop here for now! I hope to post rough sketches, quickie illos and other random art pieces more frequently on my social media accounts. To keep up-to-date and see everything as I post them online, it’s as easy as following any of my social pages. All the links to my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and even my YouTube page are at the top of the right sidebar of this site. Just click any icon any you’ll be taken straight to my page! But as always, I will make sure to post them here eventually as well!

Will post more bits & pieces soon! 😉


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