desk accessory


desk accessory

From the very start, Gideon Cross makes it clear what he wants, and doesn’t hesitate to act. This is especially the case when he meets Eva Trammel in ‘Bared to You’  from the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day.

In her first visit to his quite lavish office, he leaves no doubt about how he feels about her. She also realizes the attraction is all very mutual. 😉 But she was still quite taken aback by the sudden and unexpected results!

While Eva is not exactly timid, at times can be quite bold herself! One such time occurred at the conclusion of lunch in another visit to Gideon’s office. Much to his (very pleasant) surprise, Eva took a bit of a detour before heading back downstairs to her desk. I thought I would try creating an illo showing how Eva can also have some surprises up her sleeve… 😀

Although her decision made her late getting back to work, it seemed to be well worth it… 😉


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  1. Michelle

    Looking forward to more from this series…You are fantastic! Enjoy all your lilos!

  2. Florencia

    Loved this so much. I remember telling you I didn’t like the way Gideon looked in your other illo… must´ve been the pony tail… But here… girl, you´ve reached perfection.

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