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Oh gosh, I didn’t realize that I had completed so many pieces that I hadn’t posted here yet! They are all sketches or little practice illos that were all posted previously on my TwitterFacebookInstagram and Tumblr pages.

The illo above started out as a mindless sketch for practice that I started earlier this month, but then I decided to paint it as well! I stumbled upon a photo of a man peeking out from under sheets and initially used that idea as reference, but changed the male face and pose a bit.

retro woman

pensive or plotting

These two sketches were done last year on the spur of the moment when I had a bit of free time. It was a nice change to simply focus on lines and not worry about color.

pink cotton candy

I’m always seeing photos online of cotton candy or pastel-colored hair and love the look. I’m sure upkeep must be a lot of work, so I thought it’d be a lot easier to do a quick illo of it instead. 😉

misha collection gold dress

A lot of the New York Fashion Week runway shows are streamed online, and I really enjoy watching them. One very shimmery and shiny dress caught my eye during the Misha Collection Spring/Summer 2017 show. So, I decided to attempt to paint it!

That’s the first batch. 😉 I still have a few more to share, but don’t want to bombard you with them all in one post! Remember that you can always see anything new I’m working on by following any of my social media accounts. All the links are at the top right of my site–just click on an icon and it will take you there! But in any case, I will always share my work here as well (and will try not let so much time go by before posting!)

More soon! 😀


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