steamy picture

steamy picture

Since it’s not only Valentine’s Day, but also the opening week of Fifty Shades Darker in theaters, I thought I would create an illo inspired by both!

In the books, as well as the movies, the shower proves to be a rather popular destination for Christian and Ana. 😉 There were moments of tenderness, sadness, revelations and confessions as well as passion. But I thought I would attempt to illustrate a more simple and sweet moment between the two of them.

Perhaps before celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic evening out, they both decide on a shower before getting ready. Initially, there is nothing really out of the ordinary, surprisingly. Just your average shower (meaning there are no shenanigans…yet.)

But as the steam begins to build, Christian gets an idea to get their Valentine’s festivities off to a sweet start. Reaching past an unknowing Ana, he slowly and carefully begins to draw on the steamy shower glass with his fingertip, while tenderly giving her a kiss on the head. Now wondering what he is up to, she turns just in time to see Christian finishing one simple and perfect heart.

Always deeply touched when Christian surprises her with such affectionate gestures, I can only imagine that what happens next will cause them to become a bit late getting ready and making their restaurant reservations on time. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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14 Responses to steamy picture

  1. Gemma

    Beautifully. I love your illustrations. Please more!

  2. Ailen

    Beautiful illo, as always. Love to se your art in the social media!
    Can’t wait to see what you show to us next!

    • admin

      Hi Ailen! I’m so glad you like the new illo! Thanks for the kind words and for following me on social media 😀 So happy to hear you’re looking forward to my next piece! I hope to share something soon 🙂

  3. Aline

    Why did he ever say “I don’t to hearts and flowers” Victoria I do want to say I think this is my absolute favorite illustration from you how this portrays the ultimate love between Christian and Ana. This shows the love and dedication they have for only each other. Great job to you I love all your illustrations and keep up the great work happy Valentine’s Day

  4. Aline

    Why did he ever say “I don’t do hearts and flowers” this is by far my absolute favorite illustration from you Victoria I love it how The illustration shows the love and dedication between Christian and Ana. Keep up the good work with your illustrations and can’t wait to see more from you with our favorite couple of them all. I want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day

    • admin

      Hi Aline! Oh gosh, I really appreciate all your very sweet and kind words. I’m very flattered that you have a favorite illo 😀 Definitely more illos to come 😉 A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you too 🙂

  5. Joyce Pennington

    Absolutely beautiful!
    So amazing how you captured this romantic beautiful side of Christian’s
    love for Ana. Excited to add this to collection!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    • admin

      Aw, thank you very much, Joyce 😀 I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this new piece and the emotions came through 🙂 heehee Excited to hear you’d like to add it to your collection! I’ll try my best to get everything available as soon as I can! Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too 😀

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