grand entrance

grand entrance

While never one to dwell on her appearance or give much thought to dressing up, Ana is quite surprised, yet pleased, reviewing her reflection after getting ready for a masquerade ball, in Fifty Shades Darker. As if experiencing an out of body experience, she almost doesn’t recognize her own reflection.

This was all thanks to some stunning wardrobe choices by Personal Shopper extraordinaire, Caroline Acton, her recently styled hair and a tiny bit of makeup. However, Christian’s earlier, and unexpected added accessory to her outfit made her use of blush quite unnecessary. 😉

Now all ready to go, she sets off in search of her date for the evening. I decided to create an illo showing what it might have looked like to Ana as she happens upon a group that is stunned into silence upon seeing her.

Christian is deep in conversation with Taylor and three other men with his back to Ana as she enters. But once her presence quickly registers on the mens’ faces in different forms of surprise and deep appreciation of her beauty (and a bit of pride and happiness from Taylor), he can’t help but take notice. He quickly turns and is equally stunned and pleased seeing her standing before him. Even though he had just seen her while she was getting ready, and knew what she would be wearing, it didn’t compare to seeing her there in her entire ensemble. He was captivated–even though she felt quite embarrassed by their attention and stood awkwardly before them.

But at the same time, Ana was also quite stunned and pleased upon seeing Christian in his full tuxedo. So the feelings were quite mutual. 🙂

Christian greets Ana and expresses to her what his gaze had already communicated. At this point it’s clear that the meeting is over and Taylor and the men give the couple some privacy. After a quick glass of champagne, and receiving another (yet quite important) accessory for the masquerade ball, the two soon head off on their way to quite an interesting and event-filled evening…


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  1. Aline

    What a wonderful display of Christian’s surprised and appreciated expression towards Ana. In my mind I true feel at this moment he has fallen for Ana. Your illos are being brought to life with the true love story of our favorite couple.
    Thank you so much Victoria
    I want to with you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and start the Final countdown till Fifty Shades Darker is in Theaters!!

  2. Nadine

    Hi Victoria.

    I’m repeating myself : it’s another wonderful illo. And one on my favourite moments of Darker. I’m in a hurry to see the movie in Belgium. I can’t wait till Valentine’s Day. But thanks to you, I get some patience.
    Thanks again, Victoria. It’s a wonderful Christmas present.
    I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2017 and good health. … And other wonderful illos.
    Kisses from Belgium.


    • admin

      Hi Nadine! Thanks for your very kind words 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed the new illo! Luckily, you don’t have much longer to wait for the movie!
      I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 😀

  3. Absolutely stunning!!! I love it when you post new illos!!! <3 <3

    Lynn X

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