birthday treat

birthday treat

While there was a scene in Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard involving a piece of chocolate cake, Julia was not much of a willing participant. She tried with all her might to resist the delicious dessert, despite Gabriel’s repeated attempts to get her to have a taste.

But since September 1 is Julia’s birthday, I thought I would create an illo that also involves chocolate cake…but luckily for Gabriel, she seems more than happy to have him assist her in sampling a slice this time! 😉

I really enjoyed creating a fun little piece like this, and have to thank Betty and Perling of The Gabriel Series Podcast, for reminding me that it was Julia’s special day.

The two of them do a great job on their podcast, and are broadcasting a special birthday episode to celebrate Julia’s birthday! They were even kind enough to invite me to appear on the show along with Argyle Empire and NoNe this coming Sunday, September 4 at 6p EST!

Here’s a link to their podcast:

The Gabriel Series Podcast

I hope you’ll all tune in, and be sure to check out their archive for past shows!

See (or rather hear) you all this Sunday! 😀


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  1. Sasha

    Omg beautiful!!!! Will you be drawing anything for Ana’s birthday(September 10th)?

    • admin

      Thanks Sasha! 😀 This illo sort of came up unexpectedly, and I barely made it on time! (have a lot going on right now…) So unfortunately, I most likely won’t have time to do an illo in time for Ana’s birthday. I’ve done some in the past however! 😉

  2. Once a again great job!

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