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windy tie guy

Just in case you don’t happen to follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Tumblr, I thought I’d post a few small illos and sketches I’ve done over the past few weeks.

Recently I came across a new Photoshop brush and began doodling with it and found that I really liked it. So the above illo was the result of testing out the new brush. A photo I found was used as loose reference but somehow a strong breeze seemed to blow through as well. 😉


female seated with flower

I had come across a photo I tore out of a magazine quite a while ago. I can’t even remember which magazine it’s from! But I always liked the photo, and for fun was just going to do a quick illo of her face with the new brush. But I got carried away and painted the entire figure (with a few changes to some elements.)


female face sketch

A few weeks ago I picked up a pencil and did a quick sketch before bed one night. I hadn’t done that in a very long time, and it felt a bit awkward but I had a lot of fun. So…

male gesture sketch

female figure sketch

…I did a couple more sketches! 😉

These are all photos I took of each of sketch. All of the above pieces were a lot of fun to do, and provide a lot of good practice! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at them 😉



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  1. Joyce Pennington

    Your work is so wonderfully done Victoria,
    You know I’m a huge fan.

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