the same…but different

the same...but different A trip to an apple orchard is featured a couple of times in the first book of the Gabriel’s Inferno trilogy by Sylvain Reynard. But while it is the same grassy clearing that Julia and Gabriel had visited years before, it seemed different somehow, even though nothing had really changed…to their surroundings at least. I decided to attempt to capture a moment from their second visit in an illo!

On the occasion of their second clandestine visit to the orchard one cool November evening, Julia immediately noted to herself that it seemed much smaller and less impressive than the first time she had been there. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Julia was somewhat swept up in a fantasy of sorts. Somehow she had found herself alone with a very gentle and attentive Gabriel.

Actually, their first visit to the orchard together was somewhat removed from reality for both of them, albeit in their own separate ways. Julia was filled with excitement yet was somewhat anxious. It was almost as if she were in a dream. While Gabriel was extremely inebriated, so obviously his perceptions were quite clouded as he drifted in and out of lucidity. But both enjoyed their time together (even though only one of them would clearly remember the encounter after that night.)

However, on their second visit, it was almost as if the trip was made in order to duplicate the moment so that both of them would have the same pleasant memory of it together. While their surroundings didn’t seem as dazzling, the actual intimate moments shared by Julia and Gabriel was rooted in reality this time. So it still provided a magical feeling, even if the orchard did not.

The two of them were fortunate enough to relive a special moment from their past in a special way that evening. Unfortunately, another part of Julia’s past also emerges during her Thanksgiving visit back home. But while it may be quite unpleasant (to say the least!) it actually brings Julia and Gabriel even closer.



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Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy, illustration

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  1. Aline

    Hi Victoria, this is a wonderful illo of Julianne and Gabriel who are my second favorite couple (Christian and Ana are my first favorite). I love this illo it’s where Julieanne fell in love with Gabriel. A passionate embrace for Dante and his Beatrice. Keep up the beautiful work and can’t wait for your other illos from FSOG and Dante’s series!!

    • admin

      Hi Aline! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the illo! Thanks so much! That portion of the book was very satisfying in that the two of them could end the clandestine nature of their relationship 😉 More will definitely be coming soon… 🙂

  2. Victoria I love this it is so sweet.
    I am on my 2nd Gabriel book.
    You make the these couple come to life.
    Is it wrong to miss Christian and Ana. I wish there was another book.
    I have a feeling I am going to miss Gabriel and Julianne as well.

    • admin

      Hi Constance! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the illo 🙂 So happy to hear you’re enjoying the trilogy. I am too! It’s not wrong to miss characters you love. Even if a series comes to an end, it doesn’t mean you can’t go back and visit with them again 😉

  3. Christine C

    You just made my day! Gabriel and Julilanne in the orchard again so romantic.
    To see another illo of Gabriel inferno…happy lol. I really love the way Julia wrapped around her hair with gab beautifully. The colors are wonderful as well red, and black, blue and green. Can’t wait for the next 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Christine! I’m so glad you were happy to see another illo featuring Gabriel and Julia! 😀 Ah, you noticed her hair as well! The colors were a bit tricky since the scene takes place at night, but really pleased to hear you liked the way it turned out. Thanks so much! 🙂 More soon!

  4. Ralou T.

    Victoria, honestly, i don’t know what else i get to say about your PERFECT illos!! Really, my words are failing me one more time! <3 The only thing that i have left to say is that you have put Fifty Shades trilogy and Gabriel's Inferno trilogy in a whole new level and i want to thank you for that! From my bottom of my heart! Keep doing what you're doing because you just nail it every single time!


    • admin

      Thank you so much, Ralou! My illos are most definitely not perfect, but I appreciate your extremely kind words! So very sweet of you to say 🙂 It really makes me happy that you continue to enjoy them! More will be shared soon! 😀

  5. Amy G

    I love it. I’m re-reading this series for the 3rd or 4th time now. They are my favorite couple!

    • admin

      Thanks Amy! 🙂 Wow! I don’t blame you though–they are great books! You must be really excited that they make an appearance in The Prince and The Raven! 😉

  6. Elizabeth

    Ahhh, just discovering this. I love love love The Professor, with all of his idiosyncrasies and history, he has come to sit in first place among my book boyfriends. Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for checking out the illo 🙂 Ah yes, he is quite the complicated man, but that just makes him all the more intriguing! 😉 Always my pleasure to share the illos and I look forward to attempting more from the trilogy soon!

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