Ana’s Bad Habit (or is it?)

Ana biting her lip
While working on another full-color illustration, a few other ideas kept popping into my head. One particular idea that kept coming up was of Ana from Fifty Shades of Grey, biting her lip. I mean, she does it quite a bit in the books, and believe it or not, it’s a bit of a challenge to express that realistically in a sketch or illustration.

At first I just wanted to try to do a rough sketch of it, just to get it down to see it. But I felt it just didn’t have as much impact that way! So, I decided to add a bit of rough color. Sort of a cross between a rough sketch and an illustration. Hmmm…a cross between a sketch and an illustration…and thus, the “Skillo” was born! hahaha (I should trademark that…)

Anyway, hope I was able to pull it off half-way decently and that you like it!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you like what you see! I always make sure send out a tweet once I’ve posted a new piece!

By the way…is Ana’s lip biting really a bad habit? It seems to bring out the best in some people… 😉




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5 Responses to Ana’s Bad Habit (or is it?)

  1. I love this picture, a great representation of how I picture Ana!
    Nice work,

    • admin

      Thanks, Crissy! I really enjoy doing these illustrations, but it makes it doubly satisfying when I get nice comments like yours! I’m very flattered that my version of Ana matches how you imagine her! 🙂
      Thanks again!


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  3. Juanita

    Great capture of the essence of the lip biting! Yes not the easiest to draw. I loved reading about Ana’s lip biting and eye rolling – because I just knew what that would result in, oh don’t anger Mr Grey! I can imagine the eye rolling would pose a challenge to sketch, but a lovely challenge…

    • admin

      Hi Juanita! Yes, you would think that capturing lip biting in an illustration would be fairly simple, but it’s actually quite difficult! It’s nice to hear that you appreciated that difficulty. (which is most likely due to the fact that you also draw!) Yes, we all know what Ana’s eye rolling would result in…but her lip biting would also elicit a strong response from Christian (without the anger!) 😉

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