Portland PDA

Portland PDA Since September 10 is Ana’s birthday, I thought I would celebrate by creating a new illo based on a scene from Fifty Shades Freed! Unfortunately for Ana, the events surrounding her birthday were not exactly the best…but fortunately for her, Christian provided several special surprises to attempt to make her birthday very special.

It also happened to be Ana’s first birthday with Christian as his new bride. So, of course he would be sure to make it all the more eventful. The fact that the newlyweds did not happen to be at home in Seattle posed no problems for one Mr. Grey. He would simply bring the celebration to where they were in Portland (in more ways than one, as she learns later that evening…) 😉

After Ana receives her first very thoughtful gift of the charm bracelet from Christian, she receives another big surprise as they leave the Heathman that morning. Luckily, his second birthday gift to Ana was very mobile and very transportable to their location, so delivery to the hotel was quite easy…thanks in large part to Taylor! Needless to say, Ana was not expecting to receive an Audi R8, even though she had once joked to Christian that he could buy a white one for her birthday. However it really should be no shock to anyone, since he would not give a second thought to giving such an extravagant item as a gift. Especially when it came to Ana.

But what occurs after he presents the new car to her would probably shock anyone, and certainly shocked Ana! While she is overcome with excitement upon receiving the Audi, Ana receives an extra surprise by Christian’s sudden PDA (public display of affection) when he dipped her back and kissed her as they stood outside the hotel! Certainly not something you would normally expect from him, to be sure. Even Ana made a mental note as it occurred. But I’m sure it also made the gift even more special.

The array of special surprises and effort he put forth were also Christian’s attempt to help Ana deal with all the stress she was experiencing concerning her injured father. Normally when in times of stress or adversity, he and Ana would always end up getting *ahem* physical. But even Ana was a bit surprised that he hadn’t initiated anything while in Portland. Obviously showing respect for his wife, he knew that although he deeply desired her, it was not the appropriate time. Even Ana had to admit to herself that all the stress and concern she was experiencing was too all-encompassing to deal with anything else.

This showed that he was learning compassion for others. Something that Ana had pondered more than once in the past, and that Christian most definitely did not think he possessed nor had the ability to possess. But as with many other transformations he underwent since meeting Ana, becoming much more aware of the feelings of others was one of them.

Along with his showing of compassion, during this bittersweet time with Ana, he also seemed to show signs of his increasing awareness of the importance of family. While he appreciated and cared for his family and haltingly accepted that they felt the same, Christian was slowly accepting their love..and allowing himself to reach out to family, and even those he now considered friends. This became even more evident later that evening for Ana’s birthday dinner… 😉


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  1. Nancy M.

    I was so unbelievably excited to get whim of your new illo! I assumed you would come up with something special in light of the b-day. Thank you for YOUR gift today! Loved it…..gave me something special at my very, very boring receptionist position right now. you put a smile back on my face. 😉

    • admin

      Hi Nancy! It’s always my pleasure, but so glad you enjoyed the new illo! Also glad it made your workday a bit more exciting! ;D Thank you!

  2. Nancy M.

    after further reviewing, your attention to detail is unbelievable. I just saw the bracelet on FB, closer up. and the hotel in the background is amazing, with our gentleman guarding the doors, etc.

    • admin

      Hahaha! Thanks for noticing the smaller details. It can be a bit difficult to see unless you really zoom in. So glad you liked the Heathman and the Beefeater in the background too! I couldn’t resist adding him eavesdropping on Ana and Christian 😉

  3. Maggie

    Happy Birthday Miss. Steele!!!!!

  4. Christine C

    I love this illo with Christian dipping Ana in front of the heathman. I really like the doorman’s look lol. Now I wish I had a Audi R8 Red for my Birthday haha!
    Can’t wait for the next illo 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks very much Christine! Hee hee…glad you enjoyed the doorman! I couldn’t resist adding him in there 😉 No harm in asking for the car for your birthday, right? hahaha More to come soon… 😉

  5. Alin

    Victoria another beautiful work of art with our favorite couple! What a great way to celebrate Ana’s birthday! I want to wish Anastasia Rose Steele Grey a Happy Birthday! Thank you Victoria

    • admin

      Thanks very much, Alin! So happy you enjoyed the new illo! 🙂 It’s always my pleasure! (and I’m sure Ana had a terrific birthday, if her husband had anything to do with it!) 😉

  6. God, I love your pictures from this series of books. Could you draw Christian, Ana and Teddy? 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you so much for the very kind words, Agnes! I’m glad you’re enjoying the illos so far! hahaha Anything from the books is fair game, so they could all pop up together some time in the future… 😉

  7. Nellie

    Oh wow, Victoria, I’m so in love with this illo. How on earth do you make the car windscreen look so real? The car is just sexy as. But of course the main feature is Christian & Ana kissing. Oh my, the way he is standing & holding her just gives me butterflies. I love how he looks. Just look at that arm holding her, those muscles are so darn sexy. And Ana’s bent knee, so cute. Love her charm bracelet too. How you have them & the Audi so clear & the background blurry (I know it’s on purpose), I just have no clue how you achieve it but I love love love it. I’m not sure what you call the guy in the background, but I think he’s sneaking a peak at them. Voyeur. LOL. Don’t worry, I won’t even bring up Christian’s crotch. 😉

    Well done, Victoria, another masterpiece.

    • admin

      Hi Nellie! Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the illo! But wow–you really did look very closely at everything! I really appreciate that! 😀 Oh, glad you liked the details on the car! It didn’t come out exactly as I hoped, but if you squint I think it’ll do. hahaha I also went a bit overboard with the muscles on Christian’s arm, but I figured he’s holding most of Ana’s weight with that arm, so it gave me an excuse to make him extra beefy. heehee 😉 Thanks for noticing my attempt at depth of field too. There are so many elements in the illo that I was afraid Ana and Christian would get lost in it all, so I hoped I managed to solve that problem. 🙂 Oh, glad you liked the Beefeater outside the Heathman as well! I couldn’t resist adding him there to watch the PDA ;D (Have to admit when I was painting his crotch, you popped into my head! hahahaha) Thanks so much again for all the lovely and kind words!

  8. I was hoping you would do something for Ana’s Birthday.
    As always you make the book to life. I just love this painting.

    • admin

      Hi Constance! I didn’t have much time to create this new illo from the moment I finished my previous illo, but managed to get it done just in time! Phew! 😉 I’m so happy you liked the results! Thank you so much and I really appreciate you taking a peek at it and stopping by to say hello! 🙂

  9. Christine H.

    Hello Victoria ~
    Wow…at first glace…this picture looks so real!! I just love it. Another fantistic scene where Ana get’s her Birthday Surprise 🙂 You captured really good details in this scene, including Ana’s braclet, it’s so cute!! We should all be this lucky and get a wonderful surprises like Christian does for Ana. Very sweet! I also meant to comment on your last picture of Gabriel and Julia – the scene where there in the Art Museum…very hot. Awesome!
    Thanks as always for sharing your illistrations 🙂
    Christine H.

    • admin

      Hello Christine! Gosh, thank you! I’m very flattered that it came across as realistic at first glance! 😀 Really happy you noticed the smaller details as well! Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed the previous Gabriel and Julia illo too! Thanks so much for checking out both illos and for the very kind words! 🙂

  10. I look for new illos from you faithfully. I ADORE your work, Victoria. Can you please tell me if your real name is Rohina Sharma? If it’s not, there is someone on Pinterest taking credit for your work. If it is, my apologies!! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/359865826448608199/

    • admin

      Hi Lynn! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the illos! Thanks so much for continuing to check them out! 😀 No, that’s not my real name. I think she just repinned one of my own pins and that’s the caption I used for that illo. But I appreciate your concern. 🙂

  11. Tifffany

    Hi Victoria, OMG! you did it again, amazing! It is really cool how you brought Anna’s b-day present to life with this illo, and how you describe Christian’s journey thus far. Of course the PDA is so out of character for Mr. Grey, which shows how much in love he really is 🙂
    Btw, I agree with Nellie’s comment above. I am going to resist re-reading the book my 8th time, I am holding off till Christmas 🙂 fingers crossed!
    Great job, and thanks again.

    • admin

      Hahaha Thanks Tiffany! 🙂 Really pleased to hear you liked the way the illo turned out, and glad you enjoyed my ramblings as well! 😉 Yes, it really showed how much he had fallen for Ana!

      Ah, the re-read will be sort of like an early Christmas present? …why do I have a feeling you may not last that long…but good luck! heehee! 😉

  12. Nayla

    Thank you for continuing to make these beautiful illio’s of Fifty Shades! I love them all!

  13. Ralou T.

    from the first time i read this moment and ever since, i always have a big smile on my face because i can’t hold myself not to! :p it’s naturally impossible! 😉 but, at the same time, it’s the most perfect scene that E. L. James could have chosen to write so help you release a bit of the emotions from what had just happened awhile ago inside their suite after Ana had woken up <3 Victoria, your illo really made me smile again and form this moment again in my head 😉 so thank you once again! and i will tell you again that your work is just amazing and we all love it with all our hearts! 😉 you're the best!!

    • admin

      Hi Ralou! Gosh, thank you so much for your extremely kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the illo and that it happened to be a scene that you especially enjoyed in the trilogy! It’s always my pleasure to share the illos but I thank you for continuing to check them out! 🙂

      (and sorry that the posting process was a little stressful! But it worked in the end!) 😉

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